About the Farm

Our farm sits on 14 acres of beautiful land at Mount Lebanon. This historic site was sacred to the native Mohicans, and later the Shakers, both of whom continue to inspire the work we do today.  We moved here in 2012 and started our first season growing vegetables for 35 members on 1.5 acres with one-horse and a lot of hard work. Today, we grow vegetables on 7 acres, feeding over 115 CSA members with two-horses, a tiny old tractor, and a lot of hard work!

Our supportive group of CSA members includes individuals and families from New Lebanon and neighboring towns in NY and MA, as well as The Abode of the Message, Flying Deer Nature Center, and the dining services at Darrow School. We love creating a vibrant community center on the farm and host events, tours, performances, and potlucks throughout the season–please join our newsletter for updates!

Our Growing Practices

Mount Lebanon is a diverse ecological site, graced by wetlands, ponds, streams, woodlands, and meadows. We strive to honor this diversity in our growing practices, by creating a diverse farm system that builds soil, protects wildlife, and produces healthy crops.

Every year about half of the farm is tilled and planted with vegetable crops, while the other half is planted with various cover crops. We rely heavily on cover crops to help build organic matter, nourish soil biology, and provide nutrients to the soil and plants. To maintain crop health we make our own compost, rotate crop plantings, and use organic soil amendments, foliar sprays, and biodynamic growing methods.

Most of our farm power comes from two Belgian draft-horses, Belle and Lou. These ladies eat grass all summer and hay all winter, getting all their energy from the sun to help us plow, cultivate, and fertilize the farm. We also use a 1952 Farmall Cub for bed-preparation and light tillage. This tiny tractor is an amazing piece of history and fits wonderfully into our horse-drawn planting system.