La Carne de Conejo, el secreto ganador del Concurso Internacional de Paellas - 1, Foto 1
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INTERNATIONAL / Rabbit Meat, the winning secret of the International Paella Competition

INTERCUN was responsible for awarding the second prize of the competition, which was obtained by the Chinese-born chef Binhui Jiang. All the paellas in the competition had rabbit meat as one of the star ingredients. Contestants and participants managed to discover firsthand the secrets of this essential meat in the Mediterranean Diet. No argument, the …

Scandal came with me to London!

Scandal came with me to London!

Arriving in London and causing the scandal! The prime minister was forcefully resigned by circumstances and a group of sexists in parliament, they already tried in their day. Margaret Thatcher but he was very brave, did not give up and came back stronger, put everyone in their place and made England an economic power again. …