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6 of the most international Spanish dishes

Spanish gastronomy has crossed borders. There are countless dishes that have been replicated in other countries, but the truth is that it has not had much success. It is normal for us to envy the world for food and many foreigners decide to choose Spain as their vacation destination. Today, on the occasion of Hispanic Heritage Day, we will pay homage to our culinary art by making a short list of the most international Spanish dishes. Here they go:

Potato omelette, one of the indispensable dishes of Spanish cuisine

Cooked or undercooked, with or without onions, stuffed… Potato omelette has a thousand and one flavors, all ready to satisfy the most demanding palates. It is one of the most common dishes on the menus of all restaurants. There are countless places to have a good omelet in Madrid itself, although I always say the same thing, the more old-fashioned taverns you can see, the better your potato omelette will be. It is very easy to achieve a flavor that can be eaten in a thousand ways with so few ingredients: as a starter, as a main course, as a sandwich, with pepperoni.

Potato omelette, one of our gastronomic treasuresPotato omelette, one of our gastronomic treasures

Paella, the most ill-treated dish (in and out of Spain)

Not a day goes by that I log onto social networks and don’t see a foreigner (or Spanish in many cases) yell at the skies for using another “exotic” ingredient in paella. Well, although they are more than paella, they are often nothing more than rice.

I like to call everything by its name. Caesar’s to Caesar. And what it touches on the Valencian paella is neither more nor less. You don’t have to be chaotic, though, and you don’t have to worry about mixed or seafood paellas (the most classic and well-known outside of the Valencian Community). As long as the rice is made with love and doesn’t contain anything too extravagant (chorizo, for sandwiches, for God’s sake…) you can call it a hassle-free paella.but always with the motto.

Of course, even inside Spain you have to be careful, as there is always a risk of encountering some tourists, especially in areas far from Valencia like Madrid, where you can occasionally find some frozen rice with four shrimps.

Paella has a thousand flavors: mixed, Valencian, seafood...Paella has a thousand flavors: mixed, Valencian, seafood…

Sausages like Iberian Ham have triumphed outside of Spain

There’s nothing like a good ham cut straight from the leg. (and not removed from a bowl) or a good pork loin. Those dinners or gatherings where a table is full of sausages are the closest thing to the gates of heaven. It is therefore normal for countless countries to try to make their own ham, although in many cases not very successfully, our raw material is unique. No country in the world will have the delicious ham sandwiches sold on Calle Rúa in Salamanca..

Iberian ham is one of the best known Spanish dishes in the world.Iberian ham is one of the best known Spanish dishes in the world.

Some good croquettes (and let them use the previous ham…)

As with potato bread, there is a lot of science in croquettes. There are those who like it more compact (or granny style as I would say), there are those who prefer more liquid ones…

Of course, we should never deviate from the taste, because no matter how beautiful the bechamel is, if it is not missed later…. The beauty of croquettes is that they can be made with anything you want: leftover baking, bits of ham, leftovers of fried chicken…

It is undoubtedly one of the most iconic appetizers of our country.

Thin and crunchy dough that's sweet and delicious on the inside... It's mouth watering!Thin and crunchy dough that is sweet and delicious on the inside… My mouth is watering!

Salmorejo and gazpacho, two of the most well-known Spanish dishes

Although there are not two dishes as well-known as the ones mentioned above, all tourists who go to the south know that these two flavors are a delicacy. compulsoryespecially in the summer when the sun terrace hits.

For tomato lovers, salmorejo and gazpacho are a godsend from heaven. While they are the same outside of Spain and not two dishes that are duplicated like the rest of the list, they still deserve a mention, especially when almost all tourists ask for them. as soon as you reach the Andalusian beaches in summer.

Salmorejo or gazpacho.  What is your favourite?Salmorejo or gazpacho. What is your favourite?

And to finish… a good Galician octopus

We couldn’t finish this journey in Spanish gastronomy without mentioning the octopus. As we can detect, we have treasures in every corner of our country, so we could not put aside Galicia and the octopus.

Wooden board on top, boiled potatoes, octopus and paprika. As with other Spanish dishes such as a potato omelet, we can create a delicacy with very few ingredients. Although they try to copy it, nothing tastes better than a freshly caught and cooked octopus. Vera hot paprika.

Galician style octopus, a flavor in Galicia ;)Galician style octopus, a flavor in Galicia 😉

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