7 best rice dishes in Barcelona to celebrate autumn
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7 best rice dishes in Barcelona to celebrate autumn

Confucius condemned him about 3500 years before Jesus Christ: “A kitchen without rice is like a beautiful woman without eyes.” Except for jokes. And we are talking about one of the important nutrients for human history.

Let’s sharpen our eyes for a moment and look east. Rice is the staple of the diet in India, Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam among other countries. They eat with rice, snack on rice, and eat dinner with rice. The addiction to this grain is so high, how do you explain it? Toni Massanesgastronomy critic and general manager Alicia FoundationThe correct way to greet in Southern China is: “Have you already eaten rice?“.

Not just in the East rice is a staple food. And when we talk about food, we talk about culture. Therefore, we can say that rice led a deeply prominent life, where their beliefs and religion are ubiquitous. It seems that in the 4th century BC Macedonian soldiers of Alexander the Great were tasting rice in India. The Romans already knew this very well, but they did not use it much.

In our house, intensive cultivation in the Valencian Levant is attributed to the Arabs, and delicious rice dishes begin to be prepared that would later become very famous in the great cookbooks of the 14th and 15th centuries. In the nineteenth century, just Ebro Delta rice cultivation expandedCatalan peasants, workers and artisans became fond of rice dishes in the countryside.

As we can read in the legendary book, this thing would last well into the 20th century. L’Auca del Senor Esteveby Santiago RusinolAs Estéban and Tomasa try to forget about the store’s worries for a while, they organize one such trip. “They’d take the maid, the rice, the stew, the chicken, the eel, the mussels, and the lettuce.”

Rice and seedlings

Rice is a global phenomenon

Rice continues to be one of the most popular dishes of our country with its thousands of varieties. Actually, paella is the most international dish of the entire peninsula cuisine. And in world gastronomy we will not find a more baroque, difficult and decisive dish than paella.

“While it may not seem like it to us – although we are used to going often – it is a real challenge for foreign cooks to make a minimally presentable paella. And despite this difficulty, or precisely because of this, paella is one of the most famous dishes in the world. In New York, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kongwe can easily find an offer of more or less orthodox paella in any major city”, explains Toni MassanesHe adds: “It’s true that any resemblance to reality is often purely coincidental. Paella with chorizo, long grain rice, lots of curry… You can find some even in Japan! potato chips “paella flavor”! However, it is no less true that for some time, communications encourage copies to look more like the original. The traveler can surpass the worldwide success of paella. All traitors —convenience stores—usually found in Europe. Even at a fair in a small town in French Brittany, we can find a street stall where hundreds of servings are prepared in a large pan, almost two meters in diameter, that people buy and take home in plastic bowls. It’s a truly global phenomenon.”

Black rice with shrimp

this Catalans we are big rice farmers: Rice with vegetables, lobster, cod, dorado, casserole with rabbit and ribs, casserole with mushrooms, sea goat, black rice, Parellada paella (also called peeled rice because it contains no bones, shells or thorns), broth rice … We’d have had enough. But still we did not comelong, most Rice variety and variety from Valencia Country. Rice with turnip peas, caldero, arroz a banda, chickpeas, chard and chicken, meatballs with paella, tuna fish, pumpkin… And thousands more. Realizing the unrivaled potential of paellero, Valencians developed a whole discourse on rice cooking that went beyond “theory and practice” to reach the threshold of metaphysics.

7 best rice restaurants in Barcelona

Rice we can eat all year round. Paella and fideuá restaurants constantly appear on the horizon of our glasses on weekends and holidays. Although it is true that there is nothing like eating rice by the sea, the snake-like streets of Barcelona also hide real gastronomic paradises when it comes to rice. On the way home, we can go to the beach and make some rice. So then all you have to do is lie down and enjoy a nap on the couch. Home Sweet Home.

Let’s go! Take a map and a pencil, we go on a route along the way. 7 best rice restaurants in Barcelona.

1. 7 doors: kings of paella Parellada

More than many believe and approve of, cheese paella not born in your kitchen restaurant 7 port. This dish was served in the Swiss restaurant, one of the prominent 19th century restaurants, Mr. juli parellada, a sybaritic gourmet, a regular customer of the restaurant, they already had a preferential table for him. Look and behold, one fine day, Juli asked the waitress Jaume Carabellido they told him they made a special rice with meat and fish without bones and thorns. This difficult-to-prepare dish turned out to be delicious, and Carabellido ordered it with a shout from the kitchen. “In a Parella!”under this name it became part of the Swiss bill.

it’s happened now 7 ports He is the one who popularized this paella without bones and thorns. So much so that even those who taste this rice actor robert de niroHe liked the food so much that he asked for the number of the table he was sitting on while leaving. So you may want to sit in the same place the day you come back. And no doubt, he will want the same thing. “Table 12, Mr. De Niro,” the waiter replied. Moviegoers, you already know, twelve!

almost a 70% of customers of 7 ports want this paella. If you already know this dish and want to taste another flavor of the house, you can have an amazing meal at 7 ports. monkfish, mussels, squid, shrimp, pork, raw sausage and rice with rabbit. And a broth made from lobster head to lick your fingers.

📍 Paseo Isabel II, 14

Rice from 7 Portes restaurant

2. Racó de l’Agüir: contemporary rice dishes

Ferran and Ivan Aguir Serving a loyal clientele for two decades, this little place continues the legacy their parents started, and word of mouth continues to spread. The formula: good cuisine as well as excellent service and a warm atmosphere. Valencian soy has a well-deserved role on the menu, with specialties such as rice dishes. seafood and vegetable paella, cod and cauliflower rice and cooked rice with chorizo, chickpeas and pork. If you prefer a fish dish, you can’t miss the tuna with mango or the fennel base. Authentic deli.

📍 c/Tamarit 117

3. Arrosseria Xàtiva: rice worship

Its unique situation is a Les Corts textile colony It’s reinforced by an even more unique offering of 28 varieties of rice that you can even eat straight from the pot with a wooden spoon. this cheese paellaCooked rice with pork, chickpeas and black sausage, made with monkfish and peeled shrimps, is a true gastronomic find.

this Xàtiva has a second location in Gracia. Another establishment that has become a cult site for real rice farmers.

📍 with burgundy 35

Paella Parellada with monkfish and peeled shrimp and cooked rice with pork, chickpeas and black sausage

4. Envalira: a Gràcia classic

The offer of this family establishment is a classic seafood cuisineThe place to try any of the amazing rice dishes along with a variety of dishes to share. Especially recommended breaded ricean amazing meal made simply chicken and pork with melted cheese on. Another feature of the house is boiled rice. Yes, boiled. But we’re talking about a boring meal with nothing. It is a pyrotechnic of mild flavors. hake or monkfish (the restaurant can choose which fish it prefers), onions and oysters. To lick your fingers.

📍 Sun Square 13

5. Xiriguito de l’Escribà: festival at the table

Born in 1993 to celebrate the marriage of a mussel and a shrimp (sic) Chiringuito is the maritime and festive extension of the historical pastry lineage.. It is the gateway to Mediterranean flavors without going far from Bogatell. And above all, from what point Joan EscribaThrough education, a chocolatier commissions the miracle of multiplying fish and rice to guarantee two hours of bliss on the palate.

despite oysters, red shrimp, mussels or anchovies serve as memorable startersit is convenient to reserve the stomach in order to get lost in a density. lobster ricelooking at someone mushroom and asparagus paellaor you might be stunned by Chiringuito’s most interesting creation. Catalan paella that the chef’s patent is served in a three-compartment rectangular bowl in which seafood, vegetables and even fideuá can come together in fraternity. No need to eat: The square paella on the table and its contents are consumer-friendly.

The terrace of Chiringuito del Escribà

Given the genetics of the place, it’s inexcusable not to crown the party with some printer desserts that are by definition sublime.

As the family motto says, Escribà doesn’t just make cakes, it creates illusions.

📍 Beach Tour 42

6. Els Pescadores: sea and mountain wonders

Wonderful seafood cuisine in an old fishing tavern Preserving the marble tables and original wooden furniture, The classiest restaurants in Barcelona. Los Pescadores is one of the ideal restaurants for a first date or a romantic celebration.

Ask for a table in someone’s shelter. Beautiful shadows of Plaza Primone of the most fascinating corners Poble Nou. three basic rice dishes are blood sausage and mushrooms, green cod cocochas rice and with fisherman’s rice, broth and different types of fish and shellfish.

📍 Premium Square 1

7. Elche Restaurant, the legend of Alicante

this Iborra they opened elche inside Sec Town In 1959, and their citizens soon demanded rice as good as their own land. Edward Iborra “Elche was the first restaurant whose entire menu was devoted to rice,” he explains. Any of their rice is recommended, but the black one thickened with cuttlefish and artichoke has taken on legendary dimensions. Other legendary rice dishes from this restaurant are chicken crust rice and egg gratin sausage, cod and mushroom paella and shrimp noodles, garlic and fatty rockfish.

📍 c/Vila Villa, 71

mountain rice casserole

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