7 restaurants to eat paella
Mixed paella

7 restaurants to eat paella

One of the pleasures that should not be missing in the summer season is to enjoy a nice holiday. Seafood Riceeven if it comes after a good swim in the sea.

Seafood, mixed, blind, black or seignorette there are for all tastes, but what should never fail is that the rice is at its optimum cooking point: loose grain, neither too hard nor past, that and if you get a light layer of rice. socarraet -which is not the same as burning rice- will show the mastery of the cook.

Can Toni Moreno. Family restaurant famous for its rice dishes with broth, dry or paella, well worth a trip to Port d’Es Canonge since it opened its doors in 1963. The secret: Bomb rice and fresh, quality raw materials. Reservation is recommended.

Seafood blind pella at Can Toni Moreno

va d’arros. Although it is not close to the beach or has a sea view, this restaurant in Santa Maria is indispensable when you want to enjoy a good paella, thanks to the magic in the kitchens of master rice cooker Kike Martí, to which blind paella Seafood is added. more creative and seasonal options, highlighting cuttlefish and shrimps, and Majorcan dips, a delicious option for vegans.

Kike Martí with a paella Mallorca sop.

Bungalow. When it comes to paella recommendation, it’s also impossible not to miss the cozy Ciutat Jardí Restaurant, which has an extensive rice menu ranging from mixed paella to black rice, passing through lobster paella. Just minutes from the center of Palma, it allows residents of the capital to organize a typical weekend plan after work: a quick swim on the beach to cool off and enjoy paella. Reservation recommended

Can Gavella. Located right on the beach in Ses Casetes des Capellans (Platges de Muro), the hotel is the perfect option for those who want to spend the day on the sand and enjoy paella without traveling. Unlike the previous ones, they only have the most popular versions on their menu: mixed and seafood. Of course, with a unique flavor obtained by using spices that are well known to connoisseurs of Mallorca arròs brut and highly appreciated by their loyal customers.

Restaurant Cala Barques. If we are in the Alcúdia region, we find this restaurant in Cala Sant Vicenç, where we can have our paella without overlooking the umbrella we left on the sand awaiting our return.

Cala Rotja Restaurant. Its large terrace and stunning sea views are a big part of the appeal of this resort in Canyamel, which opened just two years ago. Paellas do not occupy a preferential place on their menu, but the seafood paella and the lobster and lobster curry have their place and do not disappoint.

Lobster and lobster paella from Cala Rotja.

Can Xisco. A priori, Son Ferrer might sound like a slightly odd recommendation for enjoying summer paella, but this restaurant, which only offers a daily lunch menu, deserves a spot on this list as it features second-course paella dinner options on weekends. Even if it’s for at least two people, he’ll see rice arrive in a paella pan, just like in an a la carte restaurant, and will be surprised by a delicious ready-to-cook cereal and shellfish, thanking market ingredients like crab. the flavor it brings.

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