A Frenchman wins World Paella Day
seafood paella

A Frenchman wins World Paella Day

if you want globalize the conceptSeafood Rice» It should be obvious that with “Valencia paella” this is impossible. First of all, because in more than half of the world you can’t get their traditional stuff, and in the other half it’s one of the essentials, Rabbit is considered disgusting or directly inedible.

Under this premise, the difference is that «paella» can be a combination of ingredients and rice and when it comes to creating and elaborating it, a certain taste and “rice with things” can only be compared to the pineapple on Hawaiian pizza, when a colorful plate of edible elements emerges, including dreadful olives.

In this context, municipal and regional tourism organizations are trying to make Paella a viral word on social networks every 20 September.

A new edition in La Marina World Paella Day Cupthat competition replaces popular tastings in town hall -It is not dared to do it anymore, because of the possibility of overflowing the municipal square and an official organization cannot and should not directly market the sale of ready-made food. Ten already announced chefs from around the world they brought different materials into their tubes to combine them and get the jury’s approval.

So it’s not the Sueca contest that requires the ingredients that Uncle Fredo lists in his Rock de la Paella. Here is the “free plate”. And the championship trophy goes to France after Eric Gil presents a creation based on his country: duck heart stuffed with duck confit paella and fois liver. Eric French or Spanish French: “I was born in France but I’ve been in Castellón for 19 years. I feel heartbroken. I’ve been making paella for my family for 30 years and I just thought of doing it. France. It works great there. How come there is so much flavor with four ingredients? they ask. Above all, they help by cooking with passion”. The winner who gives both sticks, Valencia and “other”, calls “to give”. freedom to imagination. I’m not the one to say where one begins and the other ends.


Worldwide paella and rice dishes on World Paella Day

Argentina won the second prize with chef Juani Kittlen for a creation inspired by “senyoret” but inspired by meat. And third prize to one of the most interesting proposals: Finn Jaani Pasikoski’s: reindeer pilaf. Very thoughtful: “The idea was to combine my Lappish origins and a very Mediterranean base: onions, tomatoes, garlic, a saffron sauce… and also Mushrooms and blueberries to promote the reindeer habitat. It is grown and marketed there. My grandfather already had a farm with over 500 specimens of my uncles. It is a red meat with very little fat and plenty of flavor and almost all parts of it are very soft. Apart from environmental cleanliness.”

After the seafood paella in the first round, the most exotic chef, Emirati Piedade Fernandes, a former Indian football player who emigrated to the Persian Gulf, presented a Valencian paella in the grand finale in coalition with José Andrés’ brother (like Italian Ferdinando Campaniello’s recipe for Valencia. One thing he failed to achieve was articulated in clashes between the two chefs and the five winners’ replays at the final tasting.

The most exotic versions of paella

Prior to his Paella de Confit, winner Eric Gil submitted a bid in the first round. Escorpa Paella with Octopus and Red Tuna.

Japanese Yuki Kawaguchi, Chinese Crab and Ortiguillas.

Mexican José Curiel for a paella Pork, Chorizo ​​(stamped chorizo), Jitiomate, Oyster, Shrimp and Shrimp.

Ecuadorian Tomás Angulo made a bet Pork and cauliflower ribs

Swiss Maria Lovaglio Chickpea Balacao and Salicornia Paella

Spanish Canadian Javier Blanch, one Shrimp and Scallops.

And all over the planet, through the hash, all kinds of creation. From the most orthodox to the most ridiculous. Paella day.

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