Acmuma advocates public health as axis of early detection on International Breast Cancer Day

The message ACMUMA conveys in the manifesto read on Paseo del Ravellín for International Health Day is the advocacy of Public Health to campaign for early detection of breast cancer and for patients to receive the best and most effective diagnoses and treatments. Breast Cancer commemorated this Wednesday.

As every October 19th, the Ceutí Mastectomized Women’s Association took to the streets again to claim that women diagnosed with cancer are not alone and that research into the disease, one of the most common cancers among women, continues. More than 90% survive. They also stressed that “the problem of access to innovative medicines requires an urgent solution in Spain”.

There were others in the booth they opened on Paseo del Revellín, Plaza de los Reyes and Azcarate, and Acmuma was accompanied by political authorities who attended the manifesto reading and requests from the association. , in addition to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, with which they jointly participated. Mayor Juan Vivas, Minister of Culture and Education Carlos Rontomé, and Minister of Presidency and Corporate Affairs Mabel Deu were among the government members seen with a pink ribbon. opposition such as Cristina Pérez, deputy PSOE, and Fatima Hamed, deputy MDyC, among others.

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In the manifesto, read by Acmuma secretary Isabel Lagares, “the greatest survival is achieved through prayer and the application of new knowledge, we know innovative and proven medicines, we know innovative and proven medicines, the dedication of health professionals, advances in therapies and good management of technology, life expectancy, adverse effects associated with alleviation and improvement of quality of life”.

On the other hand, they expressed their concern at the “delay in incorporating innovative drugs into our National Health System’s Portfolio of Services.” The problem of access to innovative medicines requires an urgent solution in Spain”.

They highlighted metastatic breast cancer as “an experience that produces uncertainty and causes needs that are not easy to answer on a personal, family, and professional level.” They are also aware of the progress made in this field, as they insist on “comprehensive care” and “precision personalized medicine”.

A charity match in cooperation with the Football Association

After the declaration was read, the official poster of the charity football match to be held by Acmuma on Saturday, October 22nd at 11:00 am in cooperation with the Ceuta Official Football Federation was presented as part of the events organized by Acmuma. pink moon

A charity football day will be held on the Emilio Cortázar field with various matches to be played between CD Camones women’s teams, Veterans team, a team from the Major League, a group of coaches, referees, CD Comgeceu, and the media. and a constellation of Acmuma.

The cost will be five euros, this donation will go entirely to Acmuma and this donation will donate it to research. The appointment will end with a paella for the participants.

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