¿Cenamos los españoles tan tarde por culpa de (o gracias a) Hitler?
Valencian paella

Are we Spaniards eating dinner so late because of (or because of) Hitler?

as we have something normalamazing to see others confused our mealtimes, and above all, dinners. A recent article buzzThey repeated a post on the Reddit social network, which they disclosed via a map, an American Internet media company focused on monitoring viral content. when we Europeans have dinner.

Jen Shiori AdamsThe author of the aforementioned article states that the average dinner time in Spain Between 21:30 – 22:30. His amazement is so great that he even captioned it: “Are you telling me that Spain eats at 10:30 PM???”

our neighbors Portuguese get silver on this “podium” of Europeans eating late hoursputting their average a little earlier than the Spaniards: between 9:00 and 22:00.

Meal times by geographic location

“I don’t know about you, but growing up, I ate dinner around 18:00.sometimes even earlier,” writes the Yankee columnist who analyzed the map, “you can certainly see some similarities in the evening. geolocation countries”.

a) Yes, Norway Y Finland The earliest dinners are shortly after four in the afternoon, a time when many people in Spain are still after dinner. Sweden, Denmark and Holland They do it shortly after five in the afternoon.

During the period between 18:00 and 19:30, residents Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Ireland and United Kingdom.

Poland, Ukraine Y Belarus they postpone the second big meal of the day to 19.00-20.00. About this last hour italians Y Greeks they get to work.

his ignorance Spanish idiosyncrasies and traditions prompts the author of the report to explain the allusion to our country with a… paella?

The “paella” in the American article alludes to our dinners.

“As a Spaniard, there are a few things I want to say: yes, we eat dinner very late, and since I’ve spent most of my life in the United States, I prefer Spanish times. Second, we don’t eat paella, it’s unspoken. and third, Seafood Rice Although eaten everywhere, it traditionally comes from the Valencian Community,” explains one citizen.

Confectionery, the key factor

The article’s comments shed a lot of light on Jen Shiori Adams, who concluded that these times “can be greatly affected by the time of sunset in each country.” Reference to the Spanish national sport shortcuta tradition that has been pointed out as a determining factor in our evening meals.

  • “Eating late isn’t just a matter of time, it’s cultural. We Spaniards structure our whole lives around it, with a snack and a late work schedule created to fill that time (most office workers finish at 7pm and finish shopping by 7pm). or 20.30); even our best time on television is later than others,” explains a Spaniard at the forum.

  • One reason Spain is in the time zone is that the sun is far west to set much later, so it makes sense to eat later. Also, traditionally with siesta, you go to bed later at night because you sleep a few hours during the day. Also, since Spain is warmer, eating late avoids the heat of the day.

Error… Hitler?

Franco during a dinner (candles were not nearby, if any)

There are also those who give historical explanation:

  • General Franco put Spain in the same basket. Time Zone To accommodate Hitler from Germany and Austria. Although Spain really should be in the same time zone as England and Portugal.

  • For those wondering about Spain: The time of day events in Spain is always wrong because Spain is in the wrong time zone. If you look at a time zone map of Europe, it’s clear that Spain should be at GMT (below and even west of England), but at GMT+1. Franco period. This means that 9pm (GMT+1) in Spain looks and feels more like 8pm (GMT) because the position of the sun doesn’t care that Franco is an idiot and wants to flatter Hitler by joining his territory. Seriously, that’s what happened.

  • Part of the problem, at least for Spain, is that it’s probably in the wrong time zone. In fact, it was in the same time zone as Portugal and England, but in World War II. forces. Change remained and never changed, so the sun rises and sets an hour later than it should.

many users they don’t think it’s healthy to eat this late and some put it humorously:

  • Spain is stuck in the land of acid reflux.

Dinner at a barracada in Alicante on the night of 23 June MANUAL R. SALA

Posting the map on Reddit more than 3,000 commentsthere are many who refer to the Iberian problem, among them:

  • “I was working as a waitress in a restaurant in a tourist town on the Spanish coast (which caters to both Spanish and Northern Europeans), and one of the things I hated most was when the last table of the Spaniards was seated as soon as they had finished eating, the first Scandinavians came to dinner, so all the there was absolutely no rest in the morning, ”remembers another user.

  • “I’m Norwegian and had a Spanish roommate while I was studying abroad. That was my biggest culture shock. But I always prefer Spanish cuisine to Norway, so I bet I ate late every day.”

joyful pleased Will the “last supper” always be Spanish or do you want us to assimilate them to the rest of Europe?

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