Baked rice, a typical Valencian recipe as paella
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Baked rice, a typical Valencian recipe as paella

there are so many recipes cooked rice Like the houses in Valencia, that’s how it is. And to many, what is normal and common to others will seem like perversion. This beauty traditional recipes each of the houses is ready with what they have and how they can.

this cooked rice has always been recipe for use of the remains baked or the sullen ones from the previous days. Thus, the meat used in general is pre-cooked and you do not need to spend much time in the pan. It is true that you can make cooked rice from scratch, and for this you will need to brown the meat a lot more, pre-make the black pudding, pre-fry the potato… cooked potatoes, cooked black pudding and cooked meats.

And of course, take advantage of the remaining cooking water to water the rice as it will give us a lot of flavor. In fact, all these uses are the essence of this recipe. can also be made from scratchit was done very quickly in the past because everything was almost ready to work.

Cooked rice – or rice for forn – It used to be made at home and then taken to the ovens of the bakeries, where it would take 20 minutes or more to put this rice in the oven at a high temperature. In addition to this recipe, the Elche region also has another type of cooked rice with added top crust, called arroz con crust.

In fact, to prepare cooked rice, you just need to follow the basic rules of any rice: good sofritogood materials, good rice and good Meat Water. And measure very well the amount of broth that the rice type used will absorb after it is put in the oven. It is important to know that this rice is fully cooked in the oven.

This means that the broth and grain are not cooked on fire at any time. Even rice and chickpeas can be added and left whole at that time. Put the meat, potatoes, tomatoes and blood sausage and when everyone is ready to eat, pour the hot water and put it in the oven.

cooked rice recipe


  • Potato (precooked but whole), 1 pc

  • Tomato ball, 1 pc

  • Garlic head, 1/2 unit

  • Black pudding with onions, 2 pieces

  • Extra virgin olive oil, 50 ml

  • Crushed tomatoes, 100 g

  • Saffron, 12 strands

  • Sweet paprika, 1 teaspoon

  • Boiled chickpeas, 150 g

  • Bomb rice, 320 g

  • Cooked broth, 750 ml

  • salt, w/o

  • Pork belly, ribs and belly, 400 g (pre-cooked, better)

Stage 1

Put the oil in an oven-proof pot or earthen pot and fry the meat on high heat with the head of garlic. When it’s gold, take it out. If this is done with precooked meat, if it hasn’t been cooked before, we’ll have to leave it on low heat a little longer to soften it.

step 2

Right there, mark the pre-cooked potatoes and smash them into pieces with the black pudding. When the potato is golden on both sides, remove it and fry the sliced ​​tomato as well. Reserve.

Stage 3

Prepare the sofrito by cooking the tomato with the saffron threads and red pepper. Allow to cool for at least 20 minutes, until the color is deep red and thickens well.

Step 4

Then add the rice and boiled chickpeas (if it is from the jar, drain it well and wash it with plenty of cold water) and mix it with the sauce for a few minutes. Turn off the fire.

Step 5

Then place the pre-sautéed meat, blood sausage, potatoes and tomatoes on top of the rice and chickpeas. Heat the cooked water until it boils, check if it is salted and pour it into the pan.

step 6

Place in the oven preheated to 220°C for 20 to 25 minutes. It will depend a lot on the type of rice you use. Check the cooking time in the last 5 minutes. Let stand for a few minutes and serve immediately.

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