Calle Iturrama redeems itself as a commercial axis with eleven openings

Calle Iturrama redeems itself as a commercial axis with eleven openings

Calle Iturrama has been fortified as one of the commercial and hotel centers not only in the neighbourhood, but throughout Pamplona. 11 businesses from different industries They are open year-round. Also, there are three launches planned for the coming months. Despite this, there are still a dozen indoor buildings, including the Copas Rotas bar.

KMI Moda, Tu Pizza Artesana, Macchiato Coffee Shop, Dboca dental clinic, Carol Nails Pamplona, ​​Nutri2, i37 dental clinic, Revive beauty center, Ruth Estilistas, Tapicería Martínez and a Carrefour Express, registered in recent months for millennia are openings. meters street. In addition, the Iturrama seafood restaurant has expanded the dining room by occupying the adjacent building, which has been closed for several years. In addition, there are also openings in neighboring streets, such as the New Kashmiri Indian restaurant, AQ creperie and Reformas y Diseño in Navarra, all on Esquíroz street.

Throughout the year, Iturrama street also had to complain about the closuresLike the Coqueta boutique and the Policarpo bookstore for retirement. However, both buildings are in advanced work. The Primaprix chain will open a supermarket at number 20 in the old Policarpo on November 3. An outlet for food and pharmacy brands that already have two businesses in the region. The Coqueta boutique at 64 closed in April, but will reopen as a boutique on October 17. Likewise, a hearing center is planned to be opened at number 72.

The new owners of Coqueta are Paola Casas and Keivin Pineda, a Venezuelan couple who have lived in Pamplona for years. First they opened the boutique KMI At number 68. “A Paris style boutique with clothes we brought from France from different brands”, Explains Paola Casas. Pineda thinks Iturrama is a “good place” to take on, as it has such a diverse audience. “That’s why we decided to open another store,” she says.

There’s another new job a few yards away, Your Artisan PaellaEntrepreneurial venture of three couples from Guipúzcoa, who since 2019 have a point of sale in San Sebastián. The place offers paella and fideuás for home delivery and take away. “This street has the advantage that you can get to most of the city in 15 minutes,” says one of the partners, Ignacio Pombo.


In the section between Íñigo Arista and Esquíroz streets, two businesses were opened, the Macchiato Coffee Shop and the Dboca dental clinic. This last establishment is located in the old Garrick brewery. this Macchiato Coffee Shop Apart from Chelsy Gastrobar, this sidewalk where it has experienced a wave of closures or name changes has cemented its hotel tradition.

The section of Iturrama street between Esquíroz and Abejeras specializes in services with various centers in the health, beauty and wellness sector. The latest openings are Carol Nails beauty salon, Ruth Estilistas, Revive beauty center and Nutri2 nutrition clinic. Despite this, it concentrates most of the vacant facilities.

Esquiroz street It also has a certain dynamism. The opening of the New Kashmir Indian restaurant occupied by Mariscos Eskirotz, a business that was closed for retirement at the start of the pandemic, draws attention. On the other hand, one of the oldest fashion stores in the neighborhood, Vorago, was closed. Opened in 1988, it was taken over two years ago by tailor Malgorzata Maciejczyk, who, despite his experience and enthusiasm, did not “balance the numbers”.

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