Ceuta painted pink to fight breast cancer

Ceuta painted pink to fight breast cancer

Ceuta painted the gray skies pink this Wednesday. World Breast Cancer Day. Information booths were set up very early in the morning to collect donations, and a manifesto was read at noon to raise awareness of the community on the need to continue research in this area.

Autonomous City President, John Vivasalso, other members of the Assembly and representatives of political parties were present at the main action with the reading of the manifesto on Paseo del Revellín.

The Ceutí Mastectomized Women’s Association (Acmuma) is the protagonist of the city-wide awareness campaign this Wednesday, and today there are many people wearing pink ribbons symbolizing this fight against breast cancer.

The importance of early diagnosis

The manifesto, read by one of the Acmuma representatives, emphasized that “We must not forget and raise awareness so that women can access early detection campaigns supported by the national health system and receive the most effective diagnosis and treatment.” .

That reading was asked to continue to support innovations and new knowledge, such as medicines, new therapies and the management of technologies created to increase the life expectancy of many women.

Likewise, he advocated a public, universal, free, quality, fair and efficient health system that responds to changes in society.

Of course, emphasis was placed on the delay in incorporating new drugs into the healthcare system’s portfolio. Medicines that can create better quality of life prospects and whose absence is a problem faced by women who expect to receive these treatments.

Finally, the manifesto emphasized the need to continue to move forward in collaboration between laboratories and institutions to promote research and prevent breast cancer from becoming a chronic disease. A message of hope to involve the community.

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This Saturday 22 is a charity football game

At the center action of breast cancer at its stand To collect It was announced on Saturday, 22nd, that the day of solidarity in football will be celebrated. This is a charitable sporting event framed in the pink October calendar.

From 11am this Saturday, the Emilio Cózar field will host different women’s games with the following participating teams: CD Camones, Veteranas team, a team from the Senior League, a group of coaches, referees, CD Comgeceu, media and a star created by Acmuma team.

The Football City is hosting these matches in an event that will cost 5 euros, a donation that will go to Acmuma, who organized this event in collaboration with the Royal Football Association of Ceuta. A festive day with paella and pink as the leading role is expected for the participants.

Port puts up pink flag

Ceuta is back this International Breast Cancer Day. The proof of this is the number of people wearing pink dresses on the street and supporting this cause.

In this sense, the Port Authority of Ceuta (APC) has today placed a large pink flag on the Spanish Dock.

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