Champagne paella, date in a perfectly matched couple's Albufera
vegetable paella

Champagne paella, date in a perfectly matched couple’s Albufera

One of the most iconic champagnes, Krug de Reims (owned by luxury group Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), chose Spain for the first time for its international campaign. Single Material. Rice from the natural park of Albufera de Valencia has been the unique ingredient chosen to pair with the prestigious bubbles.

And a group of journalists, sommeliers, and restaurateurs from all over Spain wore wells, covered themselves with winged hats, applied mosquito repellent, and armed with sickles to harvest rice, as is traditionally done in the muddy rice fields of Valencia (where you can’t run). risk of falling on your stomach unless you go barefoot).

Valencia Albufera

Rice fields in Valencia Albufera

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Today, after more than 1,200 years of cultivation, it is the great harvesters who mow down rice fields fumigated against fungal pests from helicopters.

from l’Arròs Museum It is stated that “talking about rice in Valencia is not just about paella and gastronomic fashion”. It is remembered for being planted in moist soils baptized by the Arabs. lagoon From the 8th century AD to the present day, “rice has gone through different phases, some more glorious than others, but with each one, rice has managed to find its roots deeper into the history of our city.” DO Rice of Valencia has three different varieties: senia, bomba, and albufera.

This year, they chose rice because it’s “a global symbol of health and vitality.”

It is stated that Krug preferred rice this year because it is “a global symbol of vitality and vitality”. It was added that he was “versatile and charismatic” and was “the backbone of iconic national recipes and a mirror of human gastronomic adventure through the ages”.

From this house From Rue Coquebert in Champagne’s capital, they see the similarities between grapes and rice “because of their modesty, generosity, universal character and singularity.” It is also claimed that grapes and rice display a variable profile and flavor depending on “how, when and where they were grown”.

The perfect match, rice and champagne

The perfect match, rice and champagne

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According to Cave de Krug’s chief oenologist Julie Cavil, rice reminds him of travel: “paella in Spain, risotto in Italy or sushi in Japan”. For Cavil, rice is therefore “an opportunity to explore different cultures through gastronomy.” Within the campaign Single Materialand by December, creativity will be unleashed with rice paired with Krug in restaurants in Llafranc (Casamar), Alicante (El Portal), Madrid (Estimar), Valencia (Llisa Negra), Madrid (Roostiq), Barcelona (Xavier Pellicer). ) and Mallorca (Andreu Genestra).

After the harvest, the guests went through Albufera to a barracks where Krug’s ambassador for gastronomy, El Portal de Alicante, harmonized the 170th Krug Grande Cuvée champagne, which exhibits volume and freshness thanks to a remarkable acidity.

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Alberto Barbieri


He did it with risky offers from Alicante. They chose traditional gastronomic creations such as grilled onions, almonds and kolatura, egg-wrapped mushrooms, perican (typical salad with dried and fried paprika, garlic and oiled cod from the mountains of Alcoy), dinner del Pobre de Alcoi. An Alicante salad, an Alicante salad with mojama, tuna, tomatoes, capers or olives, and a perfect Mediterranean, without the lack of salted sardines or dry and salty blue haddock, created to dream of leaving troubles behind and facing optimistically the day before Christmas Gordo. A selection of rice with red shrimp (from Dénia, of course). For dessert they chose an ice cream (from Jijona of course) and an Arabian cake.

You don’t have to do stupid things with rice, just use common sense”

Santos RuizDirector of the DO Valencia Rice Organizing Committee,

Santos Ruíz, director of DO Rice of Valencia’s Regulatory Council, who also attended the experience day in Valencia Albufera, assures that “the rice absorbs everything, even stupidity.” “You don’t need to do stupid things and have common sense,” he explains.

Personally, her favorite is the Xàtiva winter paella (with broad beans and artichokes). Of course she doesn’t like the rice being raw. He says he prefers to cook it at home with the albufera rice variety, as it is “creamy on the outside and hard on the inside”.

It is a gastronomic journey between the convergence of craftsmanship and rice and champagne around the world.

Rice from Valencia’s Albufera Natural Park has been the unique ingredient chosen to pair with champagne.

© 2020 Krug

Senia rice stands out for its creaminess and recommends bomba rice for situations where there are many restaurants where the cook does not have to be aware that it is overcooked. But she advises against this “ancestral and wilder” variety for rice with soup or honey.

As for pairings, Santos Ruíz confirms that a wide variety of rice makes multiple choices possible. In fact, DO Arroz de Valencia’s website offers a variety of recipe suggestions: Valencian rice crossed with arroz a los 3 Puñaos (vegetables and legumes) or a Brut rice (with cuttlefish and two), fritters, black pudding and chickpeas . kilos of very fresh fish heads and bones for the broth).

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