Chefs, farmers and hoteliers will meet at the 1st Cullera World Rice Biennial
Valencian paella

Chefs, farmers and hoteliers will meet at the 1st Cullera World Rice Biennial


The city of Cullera (Valencia) will celebrate the 1st World Rice Biennial on October 22 and 23, an initiative where this product “continues to work and develop new projects to consolidate its position as its gastronomic capital”.

“The biennial was born to highlight the quality and tradition of rice in Cullera, and also to highlight the innovation opportunity this gastronomic component has for tourism,” said Mayor of Cullera, Jordi.

Through presentations, discussions, workshops and demonstrations, gastronomy and history, nutritionists, Michelin-starred chefs, farmers and managers of catering businesses will ponder the present and future of rice and its impact on the economy, among others.

“For Cullera, it’s an honor to be able to rely on key testimonials from the gastronomy to reflect the famous chefs who cook our rice and our star product. This undoubtedly reinforces our city as a reference point for gastronomic tourism,” said the mayor. release.

The first edition of the Cullera World Rice Biennial has its predecessors at conventions held more than three decades ago around this important component in Cullerian gastronomy.

“Rice is an opportunity for ecological richness, traditions, customs, gastronomic quality and innovation,” said Tourism Delegate Débora Marí.

“The commitment of the Cullera City Council to promote and manage rice gastronomy has major collaborators such as the Artisan Rice Product Club. We work closely with an ambitious common goal: to use rice as a product in the gastro-tourism tradition. The city of Cullera,” he added.

Prestigious restaurants will hold showcookings, paying attention to every detail, to show their creative process by cooking rice. Michelin-starred Óscar Torrijos, dean of high cuisine in Valencia, will cook his paella with eel.

Also, Luis Valls of the restaurant El Poblet, which has two Michelin stars and two Repsol suns, will show you how guirra rice and olive trees are made.

Sergio Box from Xàbia will travel to Cullera to cook rice on a cauldron at one of the showcookings that will start at noon on Saturday and continue throughout the weekend with other famous chefs such as María José Martínez from the restaurant El Canvas. Local chef David Zorrilla from the Casa Salvador restaurant will cook the characteristic Cullera paella. The Artisan Rice Crop Club will also prepare three traditional dishes.

During the weekend, Paseo Doctor Alemany will host events and entertainment along with a kilometer of zero produce and farm machinery for all audiences, simultaneously with cooking demonstrations and tastings.

Even the little ones will be able to enjoy cooking by learning about healthy eating at the Mini Rice Craftsmen’s children’s workshop, where they will make simple and fun rice recipes.

The I Rice Biennial will also include presentations, discussions and workshops on healthy eating and sustainable agriculture. Expert researchers and agronomists will share their knowledge of science and gastronomy to promote natural and quality agriculture.


The first Brass Biennial will be held on Sunday, October 23, and 13 young people from different cities of Spain will participate in the competition, and a space was allocated for young talents to exhibit their art in the kitchen.

Award-winning chefs such as Alberto Ferruz del Bonamb de Xàbia, a restaurant with two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns; Michelin-starred chef, Cristina Figueira or national gastronomic award-winning chef, Javier de Andrés of the La Sucursal group, the flagship of the emblematic Veles e Vents, leading gastronomy critics such as Rafael Garcia Santos or Juan Lagardera, and the director of the company. Originating in Arroz de València, Santos Ruiz is part of the competition’s tough jury.

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