Content that is about to disappear from authentic Valencian paella
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Content that is about to disappear from authentic Valencian paella

this Seafood Rice It is undoubtedly one of the most traditional dishes. omelette ours gastronomy. However, what may once have seemed like a Valencian dish replaces its original recipe, or most traditional one, because one of its ingredients is about to disappear. The reason seems in climate change so if you want to know what it is, take note because now we explain it to you the ingredient that is about to disappear from the authentic Valencian paella.

Content that will disappear from Valencian paella

Spanish cuisine is undoubtedly one of the first dishes that come to mind when it comes to gastronomy in Spain. Seafood Rice. A dish that originated in the Valencian Community and is one of the most well-known dishes in the world. It has many variants and its importance is such that it has already been announced. Cultural Interest Well On 9 November 2021.

Now, according to researchers Valencia polytechnic universityThe taste of paella can change forever because substance that is about to disappear due to climate change.

According to the information obtained to date, the increase in temperatures and consequently drought, disappearance of the garrophone in next years. Producers assure that in a short time they will have problems growing this type of green bean. Moreover, this plant, which gives flavor to paella, is affected to the point of changing some vital parameters such as reproduction or morphology due to the continuous increase in temperatures.

if finally garrophone fades, taste authentic Valencian paella it would change forever, and the cooks who prepared paella in the most traditional way would have to look for new ways and methods to approach and even regain the original flavor.

What ingredients does a paella have?

now we know Which component is feared to be lost? forever traditional Valencian paella but the truth is that not everyone who cooks this dish adds beans to it, so you may doubt what the real ingredients are in a paella.

The truth is, the debate goes a long way, we would even have to add that what is considered paella can vary a lot depending on the city, the region and even the country where it is cooked, but if we look at its origins and origins we can also find out in Valencia, the community that actually gave birth to it. What are the ingredients that should be yes or yes to have a good paella?

Materials that are actually known thanks to a study Valencia Catholic Universityled by anthropologist Pablo Vidal, and which are clarified Ten ingredients that are not missing in an authentic Valencian paella: rice, water, olive oil, saffron, salt, green beans, tomatoes, chicken, beans and rabbit.

In addition, the study determined 38 “common content” and 50 “occasional” to prepare the paella. The most common are: paprika (62.5%), rosemary (52.2%) and artichoke (46.3%).

And recipes that include ingredients that aren’t? this researchers they recommend: «Perhaps we should call these alternative and equally esteemed other dishes ‘something’ with rice or simply ‘paella’ without the adjective ‘Valencian’. There are many recipes with rice in the gastronomy of this land, but only one of them is called Valencian paella».

To conduct the investigation, they conducted a thorough analysis among themselves. 400 non-professional cooks Residents of 266 locations in the province of Valencia. Thus, it was concluded that there are ten ingredients that should not be missing in this dish, except for all the other ingredients that can be punctual or changeable depending on who cooks the paella.

FAQs about paella

Finally, given that today is World Paella Day, we find it interesting to list some curiosities about this delicious dish. In fact, one of the most unknown facts about this subject, original recipe had paella fare. It was no longer a rat living in the sewers of cities, but a hare that was fed rice, which was sacrificed later to make paella.

On the other hand, there are only three types of rice accepted by the Denomination of Origin: bomb, laurel and seia.

And to finish traditional paella tasting in the middle, uncoated and with a wooden spoon. Paella is also called round and shallow metal bowl.

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