cook one day and eat healthy the rest of the week
vegetable paella

cook one day and eat healthy the rest of the week

This week we celebrate World Paella Day. And it’s still intriguing that a dish so ill-treated outside of its native land is known worldwide and we can’t agree on exactly what paella is in it.

Look at any paella recipe on the internet and you’ll see that almost all of the comments are focused on explaining why what’s shown in the video cannot be considered paella. Not to mention the fact that an international chef dares to give his own interpretation of the dish.

There are also typical paellas from every region, every town and every house. So I’m not going to tell you a recipe, I invite you to enjoy the excellent quality rice and other ingredients we have in this country.


Traditional Valencian Paella


So don’t be afraid. Celebrate World Paella Day with your favorite preparation method (or plain rice that I recommend on this week’s menu).

By the way, and as always, a menu that brings one vegetarian option a day, #lunessincarne, three servings of pulses, two fish, and lots of fruit and vegetables. Cook as a family and above all try to have fun in the kitchen.

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Breakfast: Crepes with Strawberry and Greek Yogurt

Food: Brown rice with spinach, broccoli and asparagus. Fennel and tomato salad

Junk food: fresh fruits

Dinner: Zucchini and cucumber salad. pita bread
​ ​


Breakfast: Toast with fresh cheese and tomatoes

Food: Baked chicken legs with pine nuts and dried apricots. Pasta salad

Junk food: Hazelnut

Dinner: Barley and black bean salad


Breakfast: Low-sugar whole-grain cereal, dried fruit, and raisins

Food: Grilled mackerel. Potato, green bean and carrot salad

Junk food: fresh fruits

Dinner: pumpkin cream


Breakfast: as many eggs as you want

Food: Curry Chickpeas. basmati rice

Junk food: Hazelnut

Dinner: vegan donuts


Breakfast: Greek yogurt and muesli with fresh fruit

Food: Pickled mackerel and roasted sweet potatoes

Junk food: fresh fruits

Dinner: Tricolor hummus and pita bread

Shopping list (for 4 people)

Dairy products

2 quarts Greek yogurt (without sugar or sweetener)

1 liter milk

1 liter milk
​ ​

Fruits and vegetables

4 or 5 kg of seasonal fruit

½ kg of strawberries or strawberries

2kg tomatoes

1 medium zucchini

300 grams (one bag) of spinach

200 grams bean sprouts

1 kg of potatoes

1 kg of carrots

1 kg of onions

4 medium sweet potatoes

4 bell peppers

1 stalk celery

4 or 5 leeks

two pumpkins

two cucumbers

two avocados

1 medium broccoli

1 head of fennel

300 grams of asparagus

200 grams green beans

1 beet

1 head of garlic

100 grams of dried apricots

50 grams of raisins

300 grams of dried fruit

30 grams of pine nuts

1 handful of basil

1 handful of parsley

two lemons
​ ​

The fish

8 boneless mackerel fillets
​ ​

Butcher shop

8 chicken legs
​ ​

Cans, cans, packaged and frozen

Two large cans of chickpeas

One medium black bean

1 small bottle or brick (200 cc) of coconut milk (unsweetened)

1 small cup of sesame paste (you’ll have leftovers for other occasions)

250 grams farfalle (tie) or other short pasta

integrated grain

a dozen eggs

A pack of rice wafers for rolls

Unleavened flour


300 grams of barley
​ ​


1 kg country/Galician bread, sliced

Two bags (6 pieces) of pita
​ ​

condiments and others

olive oil

apple cider vinegar


Black pepper




step by step preparation

1. Let’s get startedr with things you can prepare and store. For example, the marinade, which you need to store so that the preparation has all its flavor.

2. But first turn on the oven. 180C/350F.

3. To marinate, you can follow this recipe (skipping the step of cutting and removing the bones from the fillets as you might want them to do it for you at the fish market), replacing the wine (especially if you have kids) with applesauce or sherry. vinegar. Let the marinade cool and store in the refrigerator in an airtight sealed plastic or glass container.

4. You can also advance the preparation of pancakes., stored very well in the refrigerator, even frozen. In a bowl, mix 2 eggs, 120 grams of flour, 25 grams of butter (slightly melted, not melted), 250 ml of milk (a glass of water) and a pinch of salt. Let this preparation rest for at least half an hour before making the pancakes in a non-stick pan.

roasted sweet potatoes

roasted sweet potato

Getty Images/iStockphoto

5. While the pancake mix is ​​resting, Place four sweet potatoes (Friday meal) on a baking sheet. In the other, baguettes flavored with salt, pepper, a few leaves of thyme, a few cloves of crushed garlic and olive oil (Tuesday lunch). Add dried apricots and pine nuts. Bake the thighs and sweet potatoes for about 40 minutes, or until the thighs are golden and shiny and the sweet potatoes are soft.

6. Take advantage of these 40 minutes to make brown rice with vegetables (Monday meal). Prepare a sauce with onions, two cloves of garlic and two grated tomatoes in a paella. When the onion becomes transparent, add a glass of rice and two glasses of water. Season with salt, pepper and a few pinches of saffron. Let it cook for about 15 minutes on medium/low heat. After this time, add the chopped vegetables. Lower the heat a little more, cover the paella and cook for another 10 minutes or until the rice is tender and the water is gone.

7. If you have an empty burner leftPrepare the farfalle up to one minute before the recommended cooking time on the package. Strain and leave to cool. To prepare the pasta salad, mix the pasta with your favorite vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, chopped peppers, celery, and even a few raisins if you want a sweet touch). You can store this salad in the refrigerator for several days.

8. To make barley salad and black beans, you can cook the barley, let it cool and store it until it’s time to “pick up” the salad. The important thing is to wait just before serving to add the avocado. In any case, you can be guided by this recipe.


Barley salad, black beans, peppers and avocado

third parties

9. Next, we will make a sauce. with five cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of grated ginger, two onions, the white part of two leeks and four tomatoes. All finely cut.

10. Half of the roast You will use it for chickpea curry (Thursday meal). Add two carrots and two diced potatoes and ½ liter of water or broth. Once it starts boiling, add a teaspoon of curry powder, salt and coconut milk. When the potatoes are cooked and firm, add a large can of chickpeas. Let it cook for about five more minutes. You can make perfume with a handful of fresh basil cut into strips just before serving. It is accompanied by basmati rice. Remember that the ratio for this type of rice is one measure of rice for each measure of water.

11. The other half of the sauce you will use it to make the pumpkin cream (Wednesday dinner). Just add the pumpkin cut into pieces and a quart of water or broth. Let it cook on medium/low heat until the pumpkin is soft. Process with blender or pymer. Season with salt and herbs such as parsley or coriander.

12. Grilled mackerel You can do it just before serving (Wednesday dinner). Season each fillet with salt and pepper and cook on the hot grill for about 3 minutes on each side. You can garnish with some chopped parsley. You will prepare a potato, bean and carrot salad with four medium potatoes, two large carrots and beans. Cut large pieces of vegetables and cook over medium-low heat, barely covering, until cooked through but still firm. Season with salt, olive oil, and maybe a teaspoon of mustard.


Grilled mackerel with tomatoes, onions and parsley

third parties

13. Vegan spring rolls they are the most complex preparation of this menu. But it’s also ideal to do with family, especially kids. You can follow this recipe. The hardest part is putting the rolls together, but there’s enough in the package for you to learn as you go.

14. Tricolor hummus It’s a good way to add other flavors to this cream of chickpeas, but it’s also a picturesque and different dish to share with the family. This recipe takes you step-by-step through the process. You can prepare it on the weekend and take it out of the refrigerator an hour before consumption.

15. We finished with the freshest dish on the entire menu (Monday dinner). You can prepare in advance, but not too much. It’s as simple as grating two cucumbers (peeled, seeds removed if you want) and two zucchini with olive oil, some lemon juice, and some finely chopped parsley or basil.

Beet Pita Hummus

Beet Pita Hummus

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Tips for a successful batchcooking


Use airtight containers to store your dishes


Use the oven to cook in large quantities.


Use creativity. Prepare large quantities of the same food and serve in different ways throughout the week.


Allow food to cool to room temperature before placing it in the refrigerator.


Microwave, blender and freezer are your allies. Take care of them!


Don’t worry too much about recipe perfection, but about balance. If your meals contain protein, fiber and lots of fruits and vegetables, you are on the right track.


Label the containers on the outside so you can easily identify the contents of each.


Don’t lose your documents! Film paper, paraffin paper and aluminum foil. Always have them at hand.


Do not be shy about boats, cans and semi-prepared foods (omelet, pizza dough, baked vegetables). Great chefs use them all the time. They also save time and money.

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