Crazy interview with Rodriguez |  Best Rock

Crazy interview with Rodriguez | Best Rock

We are still mesmerized by the new album, “Atlantis”Spanish guitarist and grew up in Switzerland Rodriguez -no accent, remember-. For those who haven’t heard, Manu Rodriguez is accompanied by the famous Simon Phillips on drums and Andy Wood on vocals on this beautiful classic Hard Rock CD.

But here we go: We hooked up the guitarist known for the Stonefield band in the late eighties and asked him a comprehensive series of complex questions from our “damn test.” Will he be able to solve himself?

with Jon Marin

Who are you? A time traveler.

Where are you coming from? What we call the past.

Where are you going? To seek the truth.

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? the Beatles.

Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple? It’s tough, but Deep Purple.

Rainbow or Black Sabbath? Rainbow.

Iron Maiden or Judas Priest? Iron Girl.

Red Baron or Howitzer? Red Baron.

Motley Crue or Twisted Sister? Twisted Sister.

Bon Jovi or Europe? Bon Jovi.

Metallica or Megadeth? Strong, mighty, valiant.

Villagers or Bee Gees? Bee Gee.

Shakira or Rosalia? Shakira.

Lemmy (Motorhead) or God? Isn’t it the same? oh…

-You know!

Buddha, God or God? Everyone is good to me.

A song: “Here the sun rises”. (The Beatles).

A disc: “The Beatles”, white album.

A group: What.

Singer: Freddy Mercury.

A bassist: Paul McCartney.

A drummer: Neil Peart.

A keyboardist: Jon Lord.

A cover: heaven and hell From Black Sabbath.

Goethe said: “Artist: Plasma, don’t talk!” Do you join? No.

An unspeakable album you keep at home: between most “Pasta”, ha ha…

The last band you see playing. barons.

The last album you listened to. in small committee From M Clan.

The death of the musician who upset you the most: John Lennon.

First concert you watched: Uriah Heep, 1978.

Concert of your life: To hurry.

The unbeatable -fictitious- poster: The Beatles, Queen, Rainbow with Dio, Thin Lizzy and Rush.

-I’m in!

A very attractive woman (or a man if you prefer): Angelina Jolie.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be? Probably the architect.

What is the best statement you have read or heard about yourself or your music? “A musician and composer who uses his talent to the song’s advantage.”

And the worst? “An expressionless guitarist.”

Wine or beer? To come.

whiskey or Bourbon? Bourbon… ‘a Lemmy’, oh…

One drug (from others): Giving a warning.

The best fart of your life: With Stonefield in Madrid.

Worst fart of your life: With friends in Vegas.

Paella or lentils? Seafood rice.

Meat or fish? The fish.

Dessert, coffee, booze and cigars? Or is it not all? Coffee.

And then? Sex.

And then? To sleep, oh…

In summary, what do you think…?

Chuck Berry. Inventor.

Jim Hendrix. Innovator.

Frank Zappa. Intellectual.

Jimmy Page. Producer.

Richie Blackmore. indomitable

Eddie VanHalen. King.

Randy Rhodes. Prince.

Gary Moore. exaggerated. (I’m making this clear literally).

Joe Satriani. Teacher.

Steve Wow. virtuous

Yngwie Malmsteen. ‘More’ is more with J.

-ha ha… I’ll pronounce it next time.

slash. Cap.

Was your favorite guitarist on this shortlist? I must add to my three favourites. top: Michael Schenker, the elegant one; Carlos Santana, bluish Latin, and naturally, the magician of melody, Brian May.

(To be continued)

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