Cullera becomes the international capital of rice with its first Biennale

Cullera becomes the international capital of rice with its first Biennale

The appointment, which will take place between October 22-23, will serve to evaluate the Doctor Alemany walk, which was opened recently.

Cullera paella with shrimp, salmon, sepionet and scorpion figatells, original recipe created by the legendary Salvador Gascon.

Cullera is strongly committed to being the international reference for rice with its organization. World Biennale Dedicated to this grain, which will be held on October 22 and 23. The permanent headquarters of the business will be in the tourism capital of Ribera Baja, and the initiative includes the creation of a brand that will bring together a range of events and activities around gastronomy and rice production.

In addition to this edition, Cullera “Young Talents” I Gastronomic Rice Competition, It will be held on Sunday, October 23, between 09:00 and 14:00 in the Sunday Gardens of the district.

Also, the celebration of this meeting will have vengeful value for the city as it will serve to promote the reconstruction of Paseo del Doctor Alcañiz, one of the most important arteries of Cullera. The walkway has been removed from road traffic and is equipped with a decontaminating pavement and LED lighting.

The biennial was born as heir to previous conferences on rice held in the city more than three decades ago, blessing its legitimacy and reason for being in both. Presence of traditional rice producing agricultural sector in the Baja coastal town of Riberaand a wide variety of restaurants based on it.

this project joins others, such as the city’s “Rice Artisans” Gastronomy Product Clubconsists of restaurants that share the same working philosophy on the basis of quality, professionalism and originality. All of them specialize in the preparation of rice dishes ranging from the most traditional size to the biggest culinary innovation.

In short, it is Cullera’s landscape that best defines the productive character of the city: tourism, agriculture and fishing, and from these last two activities a culinary reality based on rice, fish and vegetables emerges, a cuisine that evolves with it. value added tourism.

Senyoret Neptuno rice from the Mar Salá restaurant (member of the “Rice Artisans” Club)

Young talent competition

Within the framework of the biennial, the city organized the 1st Cullera Young Talents Rice Gastronomy Competition to reward the talents of future professional chefs and hotel and restaurant students (national and international). The aim of promoting and promoting the role of Cullerense gastronomy, mainly based on riceAs the maximum base of Cullera cuisine.

The 15 competitors selected from among all registered persons participating in the competition must be between the ages of 18 and 30 and must be affiliated with (or have been) an accommodation company or students of an approved gastronomy training center. During the test, each competitor must prepare a meal proposal with rice as the main raw material, together with his assistant, both in their own kitchen clothes and in duly uniform.

The jury will consist of an odd number of renowned gastronomists, chefs and food critics. it will be your job It values ​​the innovation and originality of each dish, the use of local produce, the difficulty of preparation and the combination of flavor, texture and techniques, and finally presentation.. The winner will receive 1,000 euros (plus a diploma and a trophy); the second 500, Euro and another diploma.

Prawn rice Champagne Krug Grande Cuvèen 170th Edition (PHOTO: MARC BEERMAN).

Another Cullera is possible

The Rice Biennial will also serve to value the great commitment of the city council led by the socialist leader. mayor of jordi To refresh the city’s image: Comprehensive remake of Paseo Doctor Alemany. The works, with a budget of over one and a half million euros, turned the architect’s project into reality. Rafa Grau. Thus, this artery, which is one of the arteries with the heaviest traffic in the city and located in the heart of the city, has become a pedestrian street rather than a vehicle protection area.

The new promenade, in addition to eliminating traffic, is an example of sustainable mobility. decontaminate the pavement with Photocatalytic capacity to remove COtwo In addition to harmful volatile organic compounds emitted from vehicles, it floats in the air and cleans itself. LED lighting, benches and trees These are the other elements that give personality to this new street, which has already become a reference point for the townspeople.

On the other hand, excavations carried out during the renovation work allowed. Recover a settlement of about 8 meters in the condition that the medieval wall that surrounded the city in the 16th century is quite well preserved. it was built between 1553 and 1556 After a very severe pirate attack by the Turkish pirate in the city Dragut.

Aerial view of Paseo Doctor Alemany in the recently renovated Cullera (PHOTO: CULLERA CITY COUNCIL).

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