Difference between paella, arroz a banda and arroz al caldero
Mixed paella

Difference between paella, arroz a banda and arroz al caldero

It is celebrated annually on September 20. World Paella DayOne of us more traditional dishes and many times any rice you add rabbit and chicken or sea ​​products Anyway, paella, the truth is it’s not like that at all. There is a tendency to call many types or recipes of rice paella that actually doesn’t exist, and even more so if you take into account that there are rice dishes that are more “famous” like rice. lots of rice, but then how are both dishes different? Is paella the same as rice in a cauldron? We celebrate this special day by discovering the difference between paella, arroz a banda and arroz a caldero.

Difference between paella, arroz a banda and arroz caldero

One of the first differences we should point out regarding these three types of rice is, source from each. In this sense, paella is a traditional dish from Valencia. and the entire Community in general. on the other hand lots of rice Although it also belongs to the Valencian Community, it is a much more typical city. Denia. on the other hand rice cauldron or cauldron originally from rice Cabo de Palos in Murcia.

The birthplace of each of these rices is not the only difference between them, but if you want to know other differences between them, it would be good to analyze each in detail.

Seafood Rice

Although there is an endless debate about what is paella and what is not, we can say that the original Valencian paella is paella. fully cooked rice in a bowl called paella and that also it has ten components: rice, water, olive oil, saffron, salt, tomatoes, chicken, rabbit, carob and flat beans.

Anything made with the addition of other ingredients, such as peas or other meats, or paellas with seafood are paella but not like the original recipe. However, considering that there is also the phrase “mixed paella” or “sea and mountain”, where chicken and rabbit are accompanied by seafood, no one can tell you that it is not.

lots of rice

Arroz a banda also comes from the Valencian Community, and to fully understand how it differs from paella we have to go back to its origins because it was a kind of rice. cooked in boats and also in another container other than paella, such as a pot or saucepan

This rice was prepared with a white bait broth of ñoras and alioli, as well as fish containing many bones and small molla. Rice is cooked in this broth and served separately (or alongside) the fish because once the rice is cooked, A stew was made with this broth with alioli, fish and boiled potatoes.

Over time, arroz a banda has become a fairly traditional type of rice throughout Spain, and other fish such as cuttlefish and shellfish such as shrimp cannot be missed. All this is obviously cooked with fish broth or the famous “smoked”.

boiler rice

Finally we should talk about Since it is caldero or caldero rice, it is the vessel in which it is always cooked.

The recipe for rice casserole is: fish rice with ñoras sauceIt gives it a very characteristic taste, very typical of the Murcia region. If it resembles some kind of rice, rice in a pot would be a bit like fish paella. thicker and tastierwhile fish paella has more ground rice (as well as drier).

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