Doubts about diets: What makes you fat between white rice and potatoes?

Doubts about diets: What makes you fat between white rice and potatoes?

The reason for washing rice is to remove the starch layer. What happens if this step is skipped?

this rice It is one of the most consumed foods in our country. diet your families. This side dish perfectly complements dishes based on meat, salad or legumes. Likewise, it offers numerous possibilities in its preparation.

However, it is known that the first step in preparing rice is to wash it very well before cooking. The description, beyond the hygienic factor, also refers to the composition of this seed and the effects it has when it starts to cook.

According to the Gastrolab portal, one of the reasons rice is washed before cooking is because this seed accumulates up to 10 times more arsenic than other grains. This element occurs naturally in the soil and among minerals, and its consumption can be harmful to humans.

Another reason is related to the starch layer that covers the rice. While this is functional in the preparation of creamier varieties than traditional ones, such as paella or risotto, not eliminating it can complicate some operations. Similarly, taste is affected.

It’s worth noting that washing rice does not reduce the carbohydrate load of this nutrient because what is affected is the starch level. If this layer is not removed, the cooking process will show some differences.

For example, if the purpose is to prepare traditional rice as a side dish (dry and loose grain), it is recommended to wash it before cooking so that it retains its texture and does not change during cooking. Otherwise, the seed will be creamy and sticky.

Now, there are different types of rice: round, parboiled, integral, arborio, carnaroli, among others. Therefore, it is appropriate to justify the use of each of them, as well as recommendations for their preparation.

In any case, the general guideline for washing rice recommends doing this five to six times until the water doesn’t look cloudy.

What’s more fattening between rice and potatoes?

Rice is one of the favorite foods to accompany any meal, be it fried meat or even eggs. However, it may not seem like it, but its high consumption can be harmful to health.

There is a wide variety of rice types on the market, such as wild, basmati, red, round, which claim to have advantages after consumption. When this is accompanied by grains such as lentils, its nutritional value comes to the fore, which it does not do on its own.

Does rice make you fat?

According to an article by Tua Saúde, consumption of white rice is guaranteed to be counterproductive for a person looking to lose weight, so it’s not necessarily the best fit for this purpose.

One of the many rice options is brown rice, which, unlike white rice, has minerals and nutrients that are not lost in the process; This is what happens in white rice due to its complete whitening.

The site provides relief by consuming it because it does not have difficulty in digesting those who have stomach discharge, diarrhea or gastritis.

Do potatoes make you fat?

Potato is a food that contains carbohydrates but not in large amounts, can contribute to the satiety of the body, and prevent the consumption of more food than the body needs.

Potatoes are rich in tryptophan, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, among other nutrients that the body needs. Its consumption can help prevent conditions such as diabetes or cancer, thanks to its antioxidants that block free radicals. It is worth noting that it does not eliminate the possibilities of risk.

Now, to answer what is fatter, overconsumption of both potatoes and rice can be conducive to weight gain; however, high amounts and regular white rice is not the best choice for weight loss.

For this reason, potatoes prevent the consumption of more foods that the body does not need or want by making a satiety effect.

If weight loss is what you’re looking for, good habits such as exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water, along with a proper and balanced diet under the guidance of a healthcare professional, are recommended because meal plans may not be similar for everyone. This means that depending on pre-existing diseases or the goals you want to achieve, a nutrition plan will be appropriate.

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