Ferran Garrido: Paella
Valencian paella

Ferran Garrido: Paella

My friends say I overreact. Well tell my friends outside Valencia, because my fellow countrymen understand very well some of my reactions, which are closely related to our way of being. Because we have our own way of being, our own character and little heart. And that pack includes a tendency to make things bigger. It’s possible. Speaking of paellas, I put on the moderate costume, set the paella on fire, and of course a smile.

The Sueca Valencian Paella International Competition is held this weekend. For those who read us from anywhere in the world and are caught a bit ignorant, Swedish It is a city of Valencia, capital of Ribera Baixa, known internationally as “Spain’s rice city”. Connected to the Júcar River by geography, tradition and history, living surrounded by rice fields, it is a sight special enough to captivate visitors at different times of the year. Because the various stages of rice cultivation are changing as they evolve, and it’s a lot.

this International Paella Competition Makes 61 prints. No more and no less. Undoubtedly, one of the pillars in the consolidation of paella, the most international of Valencian gastronomic dishes. I have had great pleasure in covering many of these topics. Many. Probably more than I remember. That’s why I know the importance of a gastronomic competition that is part of Valencia’s cultural heritage, beyond its prizes and contestants. Like paella. Like rice, and like its cultivation, because it is the hallmark of the Valencian people.

I’ve had great teachers when it comes to paella. My mother processed them, what can I say?. He liked to make them normal with that nautical point of Cullera and they were out of the movie. Maybe it’s him or my darling Santiago RenardNow definitely on Sundays in heaven with my mother making paella, the first to teach me how to add rice. I never learned well because keeping up with the excellent Valencian chefs is very difficult. Later, the theory was given to me many times by a chief the size of my dear friend Juan Carlos Galbis, almost nothing. But the right ingredients in my down-to-earth paella became my dear friend and comrade. Paco Alonso. His articles, books, opinions and great publicity and dissemination permeated all of us until he made absolutely many things clear about what a Valencian paella is. First of all, about what is not.

At this point, citizens and foreigners alike will be wondering where I want to go while reading. As always. One Valencian paella, one Valencian paella, and not rice with things. Because we Valencians take gastronomy and the most universal dishes of Spanish gastronomy very seriously. That our cultural heritage is an indispensable, indispensable part of it and is much more than a recipe, because it is history, it is tradition, it is a way of life, it is culture and it is economy, it is a sign. your identity. So much so that rice and paella, It has left its mark on historical, social and economic evolution. Most of Valencia regions.

I’m not going to give you a recipe, I’m not a cook, I just know exactly what I ate. Beyond the culinary adventure of the chef who occasionally throws himself into the media arena, a bit of a strange recipeValencian paella is a simple dish with a few basic ingredients common to all regions and the variety of flavors and local produce in each. This weekend we will be able to see how this is done in Sueca, Valencia, and above all we will eat very good Valencian paellas.

Valencian paella. The rest is what I told you, the rice stuff.

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