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The RFEF president visits El Partidazo de COPE for Juanma Castaño to interview her after all the controversy surrounding her.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had an interview like this, and there are a lot of topics. Why didn’t you go to the Ballon d’Or Gala, because of your relationship with Alexia Putellas?: No, I congratulated him, it’s a pity that he was injured. Congratulate him, he will have a thousand messages. It took a while when he got hurt, but he answered me.

Private whatsapps went against several teams, will you apologize?: Private is private, it was a conversation with my father. As with any player, I’m an ex-footballer who has great rivalry with clubs, but it’s not normal to think that this or a joke could go any further. We have a group of former football players and we tell each other everything. My friends from Valencia said it was unfortunate that this was reported. It’s outside the rules of the game.

Have you spoken to the club presidents? No, when I met them. They criticized me and the referees because this is football. I feel football, but I’m being honest. One of the presidents contacted me and said I was being ridiculous. It happens in a context and it happens when there is a meeting in LaLiga and some time later there is a statement from the clubs. Tebas is behind this, he is looking for places where I go to beat myself, he advises a former executive of the RFEF cabinet… It is obvious that he is behind it.

You did almost the same thing, recording the conversations: Wrong, I didn’t record any conversations. That someone who did this was not in the Federation for such behavior and made a false report saying that I knew these records. We’ve had some very harsh conversations about it, and that’s why that person isn’t here. Where I am alone, there is no record. I didn’t save anyone. He used them to discredit me. My mistake was cutting ahead and not holding it too long because I expected him to be close to me and take care of me. He was the boss of a highly reliable person who obviously couldn’t be there for me.

Does it filter everything?: Of course, he only had the New York tickets. I don’t know if it’s the advice of Thebes or a broken toy.

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