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It’s a real treat to try a little bit of everything in one sitting and also that everything is delicious. But great restaurants now know very well that there must be more. Besides the best food, there is the atmosphere, the presentation, the moment and ultimately the experience. Welcome to Gas Gas’ amazing free buffet.

Let me think… I mean, soon, I can’t think of a brand that definitely has a model right now. all major commercial segments of the motorcycle, Number? That’s what a brand with a Spanish name, origin, and essence has accomplished – let me leave the current Austrian owner aside for this argument. But wait, I’ll raise the bet, because in addition to the models in all these divisions, that brand has won the world championship. trial, enduro, sooner or later a motocross will fall (not Jorge Prado?), absolute victory in the last Dakar, and this week, he won the first asphalt title in Gas Gas history, with newly achieved Izan Guevara’s Moto3 World Championship.

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Gas Gas, Gas Gas and no one else!

Due to the breadth of its product range and everything that has already been said, only a brand like our hero has the authority and reputation to launch an initiative in the style of ‘initiative’. dirt United, The European “tour” born in 2021, passing through five different countries and bringing together fans of off-road bikes in general and Gas Gas in particular.

GasGas United in Dirt tour Spain 2022 2

Held in Spain at the end of September, the tour was the third round of the 2022 Tour, which also stopped in England, Belgium, France and Italy. This year, after the successful premiere at the Pulley Camp de Tarragona, we’ve joined United in Dirt Madrid and more specifically Motoarea Bunker, a complex entirely dedicated to off-road driving With different levels of motocross circuits, trial zones, challenging enduro, time trials and even flat track. In short, a paradise for the dirt bike that will provide a good foundation for gas… Alas! I wanted to give the Gas Gas.

GasGas United in Dirt tour Spain 2022 1

Come on, mud!

Although at this time the mud thing would be metaphorical because the tasting day started with some delicious curves originating from Sierra Madrileña… with asphalt. The big innovations for United in Dirt this year weren’t entirely “Dirt” because what awaited us at El Bunker from the very beginning is, Trail ES 700 and Supermoto SM 700For an occasional getaway on the roads, in the case of two motorcycles or ES that have off-road DNA but were born to answer those who just want to have fun on the road. And with them we started a delicious route on roads, through towns and mountain passes, as if it were rural, okay, not rural. Because even if you go on the asphalt, to leave yourself under the control of one of these two and just put your ass forward, stick your elbows out and stretch your leg when you attack a curve. I think dressing up as a cross on asphalt also had an effect on my “Dirt” attitude.

However, this was just the beginning. Beneath the brand new red Gaz Gaz tents the entire army of Motocross, Trial and Enduro was waiting for us, and before them, seven circuits to try absolutely everything and no fear of running out. More! All we wanted was to get fed up with this tasting menu.

GasGas United on Dirt tour Spain 2022 6

Because guys, my order was: we started with asphalt, SM700, ES700; we went to the cross, MC450F, MC350F; we regain strength with seafood paella (two dishes) and some fruit (banana); we continue with some enduro, EC250F and EC250; we go back to the cross, but in 2T and twice, MC125 and MC250; then we rest for a few (scarce) minutes and do the experiment leaving nothing there, TXT250, TXT300, TXT125. And then? After that, there is still some time to go back to the TXT250, which left me wanting more. My mom used to tell me not to eat that binge, and then I would feel bad. But do you know? HE You can never be satisfied with it, moreover, the more you give, the better you feel, the better you feel and the better you go. And also, “if you already know how I go on…”

GasGas United in Dirt tour Spain 2022 3

By the way, in order to taste it properly, you need a good cook to give you recommendations and pairings, we had three authentic chefs there in different specialties: Miquel Gelabert, trialero, Bernat Cortés, hardener and free rider ” Guillem Navas, Who give us good advice gave, live talk… and yes, also some depression when comparing yourself to them on the bike. God, how are you?

GasGas United in Dirt tour Spain 2022 16

The only thing that could end the day was a good dessert, and it seems that with the genius of Noelia and Maite, and the people at Gas Gas, who paid attention to every detail, they prepared what could best end the day: competition. Of course, just so that things could end all day and safely, this competition culminated in a fun team trial combining a relay race on a motorcycle in an area where both foot and time were punished. What if we win? Well, I don’t feel like writing anymore, so I’m leaving it here 😛

GasGas United in Dirt tour Spain 2022 8

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