Gastronomy: Rice from Morelos Is it true that it is the best in the world?

Gastronomy: Rice from Morelos Is it true that it is the best in the world?

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The State of Morelos ranks first in the yield of rice production in Mexico. Unlike other provinces of the republic, rice yield is almost double.

The latest figures show that annual production has reached 11,500 tons, with more than 700 families dependent on its cultivation.

It is the only state in the country that has name of origin since 2012.

Armored Tacos, originally from Morelos
Credit: SADER, Mexican Government

properties I usually and climate They are very suitable for rice planting and harvesting.

Rice from Morelos because of its properties physical and nutritional It is in itself a creative basis for gastronomic culture.

Seafood Rice

international awards

  • At the Universal World’s Fair in 1900 Paris The silver medal was obtained as the best brass in the world.
  • in Hamburg in 1936, Germany It was recognized as the best rice in its class.
  • in Madrid in 1993, Spain won the Grand Prix for international quality
  • He was awarded the grand prize in 1994. Latin America for quality and service.
Rice pudding

What does science say?

How can I be sure that Morelos rice is the best in the world? The answer lies in scientific research.

since 2003 Rice Quality Laboratory of the National Institute of Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock Studies (INIFAP) in Zacatepec Experimental Field performs structural analysis and genetic improvement to identify cereals with the best culinary quality.

Four aspects related to production and quality standards are analyzed

  1. Good behavior of grain in the mill industrialization process.
  2. The appearance of the rice grain. Size, weight, color.
  3. cooking properties. Pre- and post-cooking time and physical properties.
  4. Quality in culinary expression. Taste, texture, smell, behavior when mixed with other foods.

Research is also being done on it. University of Arkansas Owned by the United States Department of Agriculture, which verifies the quality of Morelos rice.

Now there are scientific parameters that allow us to confirm that Morelos rice is the best in the world.

National Institute of Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock Research; Zacatepec Experimental Field.
Credit: SADER, Mexican Government

craft production

One of the reasons for the quality of Morelos rice is, craft productionwith very little technology as in other places.

In 1565, when the Return Way or “tornaviaje” was found by the Augustinian Urdaneta starting in the Philippines, rice reached the coast of Mexico and gradually rose in latitude until it reached the southern region of Morelos in the 15th century. .XIX.

in 1836 Ricardo Sanchez introduced jojut rice cultivation created a network of knowledge and rice growing routes in this region.

Producer farmers say that this practice has been going on for many years and their techniques have been passed down from generation to generation.

Rice cultivation is a common skill of the natives of southern Morelos and it reaps the benefits of the soil. It is an artisanal work of communication with nature.. Again, that makes it more expensive.

Credit: Mexican Government Ministry of Agriculture

Rice crisis in Morelos

Having rice of this quality is paradoxical. The residents of the State of Morelos themselves know little. Mainly for economic reasons, the population of Morelos, which is mostly poor, prefers to consume lower quality rice of Asian origin, and it should be said that, Morelos rice is expensive.

Rice from Morelos presents a crisis in the face of international competition opened up by the Free Trade Agreement. It is cheaper to bring than to produce.

Now you know, Morelos rice is the best in the world, whether you prepare it or not. Seafood Ricea rice pudding or some armored tacos.

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