In Valencian politics, the moment is no longer interesting because they only care about tomorrow; they only think in selection mode

The groundbreaking Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han, who became one of the main thinkers of Generalitat President Ximo Puig, said in an interview a few years ago that sleeping well is a sign of a good life. and happy. “I also suffer from insomnia,” he admitted. And yes, it’s a very tangible fact, but it’s also something to ponder over. Because the number of people who can do what is said to be a good sleep is less and less. Because the general trend is to go to bed with those who follow us, considering past wars, but above all. And we live life in such a hurry that the same inertia causes us to fall asleep running, and that, even dreams, is part of our daily marathon. Such is the rhythm that the present time does not concern us; we just crave for future goals. And as an extension of the screens that accompany us even in bed, we seem more like ‘runners’ than people living in the moment and reality in the video game of life.

We stopped enjoying a relaxed meal, a relaxing conversation, a fun read or a restful sleep. There is no time to even rest the paella rice. It happens to everyone and in every field. But we see this very clearly in our politics. In their heroes and actions. So much so that for a long time and with increasing intensity there is a feeling that they are hovering on the verge of verbal tachycardia and planning exhaustion. Perhaps the person who has tasted the glory of power is so worried about losing it. This causes you to hyperventilate excessively and run too much. Because some – but not all – of the political class is reluctant to feel at the center of everything and to disappear socially at the stroke of a pen. I’m living that moment, stripped of duty and title, where no one is looking for you, where there is no official car, you don’t appear in the papers, and you’re just another one. Something that can be difficult for many if they don’t assume it’s a round trip. We serve (or not) and leave. As happened to Liz Truss, it was swallowed in just 45 days.

In the politics of Valencia where everything is so fluid – Isabel Bonig, as Fran Ferrio Manolo Mata well knows – the main protagonists are out to step up their private half marathon to try to position themselves well in the May 2023 election. Or maybe before. Because – although I seriously doubt that this will be frivolous – there are those who think that Puig can advance the election by coinciding the general election with the municipal election to prevent strategist Pedro Sánchez from sneaking in. And that (rumored to) super selection Market weighed it down. But I insist, we are faced with deliberate speculation stemming from the hasty and cold sweat of some who try at all costs to play with time and their nerves. In fact, if we take into account the magnificent CIS of José Félix Tezanos, the leader of the PSPV must be very calm because for the Socialists everything looks great. Another thing is that neither he nor anyone from PSPV believes it. At the same time, something else has emerged from the internal election polls conducted by PSPV. And that, certainly, they are already driving or doing. TRUE?

These data may be what ultimately decides the roadmap Puig undertakes. If you speed up or slow down the race. And that uncertainty is the main asset the president is currently playing to highlight this election half marathon. Their opponents don’t know which road to take: will there be slopes, shortcuts or many puddles. As Consell found on gigafactory. For Carlos Mazón, this uncertainty could clearly hurt him. But these are the rules of the game. Also, everyone should have their invigorating drinks ready to pull them off when the time comes. Either through promises (as appropriate, please); whether there are unexpected signatures. Some, by the way, are too closed or mature. In the case of the People’s Party, their letters will be seen sooner or later. For the rest of the games, things look more complicated than ever. To the level that many have been running for weeks, not knowing that they will have to change lanes or even abandon the electoral race halfway through. Joan Baldoví, for example, intensifies her presence in Valencia, but at a certain moment they knock her off the track. Because the shadow of Monica Oltra is still there. Ruth Merino, a trustee of Ciudadanos, whom many have pushed towards PP, may also eventually take that step. Or maybe he’s just tired (or discouraged) and throwing himself in the towel. I don’t think anything is already closed; despite its maturity. At Vox, everything is in anticipation, and Macarena is exposed to the remnants of the Olona storm. While there are names that will sound off the beaten track (I guess none that are on the game board right now), it’s clear that Santiago Abascal will be playing as shorthand for the party that represents him and his merits. weapon of choice. Your strength now. yes, it’s an uncertainty. Like in Podemos. Because in their case, we don’t know if they will go alone in Yolanda Díaz’s Suma, led by Héctor Illueca… Neither we know, nor they. According to me.

The only thing that is clear is that many stop sleeping well to imagine that they are still where they are or that they might finally tap into power. The question to ask is why? In the answer you will find your level of dignity. Or dishonor.

Sunday, October 23. Prepare to run, let it be the Valencia half marathon. A great festival of diversity, effort and passion born from the sharing of asphalt.


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