How to get to know the gastronomy of Uzbek or Uzbekistan
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How to get to know the gastronomy of Uzbek or Uzbekistan

A bacteriologist to whom we owe the management of the first clinics in the province of Valencia, Dr. The Aral Sea grew up at number eleven in Passage Ventura Feliu, near Vila Barberá Street. Aral is an endoric lake. —Endorheic lakes are lakes that barely drain their water through surface drainage or seepage— It serves as the coastline of Uzbekistan, a country located in Central Asia.. It borders Kazakhstan to the northwest and north, Afghanistan to the south, Kyrgyzstan to the northeast, Tajikistan to the southeast, and Turkmenistan to the southwest. Along with Liechtenstein, it is one of two countries that is doubly isolated from the sea. Being doubly isolated from the sea means you have to cross several borders to reach the body of water.

It’s all about lakes, seas, borders and the drying up Aral – it was one of the four largest lakes in the world. It had an area of ​​68,000 km², currently occupies less than 10% of its original size. It has become one of the biggest environmental disasters in contemporary history – it comes to mind in this city that is said to live with its back to the sea but also has one of the biggest. the country’s largest ports — in fact, it was the port with the most freight traffic in 2021. There is also the problem of expanding the port; we have a new restaurant, the only restaurant with Uzbek cuisine. For the avoidance of doubt, it is called Uzbek. Owner’s name Bek — Like Bek David Campbell, the musician known as Beck, who had the failure anthem to lose: I’m a loser / I’m a loser baby, why don’t you kill me? / (Go crazy with the cheeze buzz) / I’m a loser / I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me? / (Body piercing) / Yo, get it down—. Bek offers 100% halal food as indicated by the big sign at the entrance.

Bek and I understand each other through gestures and smiles rather than using the Spanish language. The tenth October opened the doors of Özbeko. He has worked in various Turkish restaurants in the city until now. “Since there are no restaurants from Uzbekistan in Valencia, I opened Uzbeko.. The food is different, the Turks here are more fast food. This restaurant. Big, with tables. Coming as a family, eating quietly and having fun”.

At seven o’clock on an anonymous Friday evening there are families both on the terrace and inside. Bartender, young boy combining functional bartender uniform (sneakers, pants and t-shirt) confess and apron – with test tube baby anyone tubatayFor the first time in a newly opened business, a traditional Central Asian hat passes through the dining room with the care of someone carrying a tray full of food. leaf wrapping (stuffedvine leaves stuffed with rice native to Greece and Turkey), Christmas (hummus), falafel, manti (Uzbek version mom’s Nepali or dumplings. Some dumplings or ravioli stuffed with meat or vegetables, often accompanied by sour cream) or halvah (especially sesame nougat and dried fruit oreos popular in India and Iran) are common dishes in different cuisines originating from Uzbek cuisine. But there is more.

Everything is homemade. We do, me and my wife. We got five soups, no more than ten different pinchos. The starters are also homemade. I have been a cook for twenty years, I learned from my mother who cooks very well. Happy to have my own restaurant.” Pinchos are more like lamb, chicken or mixed meat swords or skewers.

There is no country that does not have a gastronomy or a gastronomy legend. In Uzbekistan, plov it’s the national dish. According to oral tradition, this casserole is cooked for several hours at a very slow temperature in a special iron cauldron. Boiler —his paella—has healing and aphrodisiac powers. It is consumed on Thursdays to enter tons on the weekend. The meal usually includes lamb, rice, chickpeas and potatoes. Depending on whether it comes from Samarkand, Fergana, Tashkent, Kashkadariya, Bukhara or Khorezm, it will carry some spices or others. this plov anyone palov It depends on the holiday or daily consumption. Cocido midweek or putxero your Noel.

this plov Uzbek is lamb but can be made with veal, horse, chicken, pheasant or quail. The hydrate is usually rice, but there are also those who use buckwheat, wheat, beans and even noodles.

“Since we opened, a lot of people have come from Valencia, but also from Russia, Georgia and Ukraine. Our food is better known to them and they have nowhere to go. Bek laughs and makes an elusive joke about Russian cuisine. There is soup, borscht. borsch». On October 27, 1924, the People’s Commissar for Nationalities of the Lenin government, Joseph Stalin, signed the establishment of the Uzbek SSR, which was not dissolved until December 12, 1991. The USSR meant the loss of national identities and the emergence of a “Soviet”. “Gastronomy” is characterized by moderate use of ingredients and simplified cooking. Although it coexists with national dishes, it has become an integral part of home cuisine. Some of the dishes in this cuisine were simplified versions of French, Russian and Austro-Hungarian cuisines, but some other dishes have survived. beside plovConsumed in Uzbekistan dimming – a stew made from various mixtures of meat, potatoes, onions, vegetables and sometimes fruits. It is generally consumed in spring and summer when the variety of vegetables is high. skewer —“A special broth with rice” or local “pizzas” as Bek pointed to me in a photo that reads ‘.ask the egg.

Arrancapins smell like cumin, pepper, cinnamon and bay leaf.

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