How to make paella with scandalous frozen vegetables
Mixed paella

How to make paella with scandalous frozen vegetables

Paella is one of the traditional dishes of Spanish cuisine. omelettecan be considered a very typical recipe of our country. There are many catering establishments that can prepare us a meal. Paella with seafood, meat, mixed or vegetables upon request.

But there is also the opportunity to do this at home and in a very simple and tasty way that will not leave anyone indifferent. Best of all, we will get an amazing result, while not being too expensive. this time We chose to cook with frozen vegetables.

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benefits of rice

The properties of this food, which is used so widely in the world, should be appreciated. It is not only a versatile product, but also a product that can fit into all kinds of meals without any problems, and is affordable as well as reaching all pockets. However, we should also highlight many of its properties that are very beneficial for health.

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First of all, we must give up its high carbohydrate content, which makes it a great source of energy for those who exercise during the day or who constantly strive. It is also beneficial for the cardiovascular system, for the prevention of digestive and even pathologies such as cancer.

Ingredients for making frozen veggie paella

If there’s one thing that makes this paella recipe worth making with frozen vegetables, it’s because it’s so easy to cook and the result is perfect. But we will not stop there. The ingredients for its preparation can be easily purchased at any supermarket, without having to search several places.

it will just be It is necessary to collect 350 grams of rice, 400 grams of stew. frozen, one ripe tomato, red pepper, a clove of garlic, a liter of vegetable juice, a pinch of olive oil, a sprig of parsley, half a teaspoon of rice dye and salt.

preparation of paella

This recipe is open to everyone, you don’t need to be an expert cook to dare this dish. The process is very simple as you will see below.

Dice the red pepper and fry the rice with a little oil in the paella pan or bowl you will prepare. Let the peppers cook for five minutes.

When done, it will be time to add the frozen or unfrozen vegetables. This will depend on each. All you have to do is open the envelope and add it to the paella pan. fry for about 10 minutes. We will try to keep it on medium heat so that it does not overcook or cook, this is what happens when the intensity of the burners is relatively low.

When the vegetables are ready, we will add the ripe tomatoes. You should let it do about 5 minutes. It will give a lot of flavor and also a touch of color to the combination of foods that the rice contains.

In the meantime, a clove of garlic can be used to crush in a mortar with parsley and some olive oil. It will add a very rich touch to the dish as you can verify it after you finish it. After it is well crushed, we put it into the container and We raise the well so that it is correctly distributed.

We’re already taking the final steps of this recipe for frozen vegetables. We continued to add the rice to the paella we prepared the sauce. We will mix it with everything and leave it for 5 minutes, but if we are not careful, let’s be very careful not to burn the very common rice.

The next step will allow us to include the water, salt and coloring. You can replace the dye with saffron. As for the broth, we have a few possibilities. Use leftovers from another recipe or use industrial broth that can be purchased at the supermarket. This last option is presented as the simplest and most comfortable, as you will avoid many problems.

After the broth is added to the paella, reduce the heat to medium and allow it to cook more calmly. It will take about 20 minutes more or less. Check that not all the broth has been consumed before the rice is cooked and if that happens you can always add some hot water.

The last step is also important

When the water is consumed or 20 minutes have passed for the rice to reach the proper cooking point, it should be removed from the stove. top can be coated rest for 5 minutes with a lid or a cloth and the last portions of the cando are consumed with the remaining steam.

After this time has passed, you will be able to verify that it is ready to consume. Believe it or not, you can surprise your guests with this recipe. With a bag of frozen vegetables and a few other ingredients everyone has in their fridge, you’ll have amazing results. Easier and tastier, impossible.

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