Hundreds of people revive the lower region of Algeciras

Hundreds of people revive the lower region of Algeciras

Residents of Algeciras took to the streets. charitable organization Saturday morning to attend cohabitation day It is supported by the Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation.

Association just before noon RecreArt set up as usual jumble sale with original works such as painting, watercolor, drawing, engraving, photography and sculpture. In contrast, in a scene set up by the City Council, Juan de Lima Squaremusical performances were held in which the participants listened to Andalusian couplets, boleros and melodious songs of singers from the city. a youth group bachata, Venezuelan guitarist Efrain Silva and singer from Algeciras swimsuit.

Fusion of flamenco and Arabic instrumental music Sirimusa Flamenco Singing Classwith Alicia CarrascoArt in addition to music school to change consciences, Immigrants on Equality. folk group Tarifeno Fandango with Alfonso Alba Notary participated in this diversity festival with the cooperation of dance and singing academies. sona Y Ruben Cardena.

Volunteers of Márgenes y Vínculos cook a paella and a Tallinn, sweetened by all participants in an activity aimed at unifying gastronomy from both sides of the Bosphorus. Juan Delgado Rodriguez, assisted by Ginés Cervantes, was in charge of the paella, while Nadia Sayed, Brahim Lagramli and Ghita Taha Tallin were responsible for preparing. There’s room for the little ones too outdoor gamesA Moroccan woman specializing in a face painting workshop and drawings. henna adorned the hands of the attendees.

All these activities were supported by the Merchants Guild. food market and neighbors carmen who headed the successful enterprise. “The neighborhood of La Caridad, the neighborhood of diversity” It is a project to raise awareness of cultural diversity and promote social cohesion promoted in Europe by Márgenes y Vínculos. Southern Region from Algeciras.

On this day of coexistence, the mayor of the city, José Ignacio Landalucand other members of the municipal government; President of the Community of Municipalities of Campo de Gibraltar, John LozanoIn the case of the head of the Fapacsa federation, besides the representatives of the neighborhood movement, Jose Mendez; Magot Pinelo and Antonio GonzalezFrom the Los Toreros neighborhood association or the president of the Traditional Trade and Food Market Association, francisco soto. All emphasized the involvement of residents in the different regeneration activities carried out in the neighborhood within the framework of the European strategy. edusi.

President of Margins and Links, francisco mena.

More events in October

This is the second of the initiatives Fundación Márgenes y Vínculos has sought to revitalize the Algeciras neighborhoods during this month in collaboration with other organisations. The mural was presented last Friday Caliph’s Gardenhe is the painter Manual Door It was built on the walls of a plot on Calle Duque de Almodóvar.

The exhibition opens on October 19 We are family, we are the sameIt can be seen at the Municipal Museum until October 29. by photographer Macarena Romero Pacheco.

cycle intercultural cinema He A neighborhood for everyone It ends on October 27 with the screening of the film it organized throughout 2022. Mediterrenian. It will be in the Millán Picazo auditorium at 19:00.

last activity back and forth excitementIt will take place on the Avenue Juan de la Cierva at noon on the 28th.

“A Neighborhood for Everyone” It is a project aimed at raising awareness in the field and promoting social cohesion. cultural diversity Funded by the Ministry of Accession, Social Security and Migration and co-financed by the European Union.

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