"I learned the recipe from YouTube videos"
Valencian paella

“I learned the recipe from YouTube videos”

There are endless types of rice and different ways to prepare them, and all of them are equally respectable. Valencian paellawe have to make this popular recipe what it deserves.

Neither rice nor paella rice. Everything they don’t sell that way – far from it – is not paella valencia, which is accordingly A study conducted by the Catholic University of Valencia A recipe with just these 10 ingredients: rice, water, olive oil, salt, saffron (or colouring), tomato, flat green beans, ‘garrofó’, chicken and rabbit. And nothing more.

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The first thing is to understand that paella is not a recipe, it is a bowl, and that not everything that is prepared in paella is Valencian paella, this recipe that travels all over the world, which according to many is the most complex dish to prepare in this bowl, although there are many kitchen wands unique to the Valencian Community. Originating in Valencia, he has made this recipe his specialty.

Competition around a recipe

Although the roots of the recipe are in Turkey terracotta Valencia – something no one doubts – in this case Sueca Valencian Paella International Competition He gave his first two awards to the chiefs who were far from these lands. And even from this continent.

Binui Jiang, chief of El Molino.
Binhui Jiang, chief of El Molino.
Meson El Molino.

Duration first prize for best Valencia paella went to Guadalupe – Mexico-The Crocus restaurant, where Rogelio Castañón and Alfonso Ovalle made the best Valencian paella of this edition, took second place in our country, more specifically in Valencia. Binhui Jiang makes the second best Valencia paella in the world and the first paella in Spain. And no, as you can imagine the paella is Valencian style but not so much the chef.

We find it in the capital of Valencia Meson El MolinoWith chef Binhui Jiang, who has been in love with paella ever since he came to Spain and doesn’t stop working and working on it until he manages to make the best in the country.

Lemon cake.

Jiang assures that with study, study and study, Sueca has managed to become a true connoisseur of Valencian paella, preparing one a day in the months before the International Valencia Paella Competition. And hard work paid off, she.

crush at first bite

Although Binhui Jiang currently lives in a village near Sagunto, roots in chinasomething he is immensely proud of and doesn’t forget while cooking. Since coming to Spain a little over 18 years ago, Binhui knew how to make a living in different industries until he accidentally found his calling: making paella.

“I’ve been here for 18 years, and at first I used to work a little bit of everything; in the dining halls, in the kitchens… a construction assistant from the masons, to get the cement, to clean it… We were working in a very high mountain range, in some vineyards, and One day, they made paella in the mountains with firewood and it turned out magnificent.On the other end of the phone, the chef tells us not his first experience with paella, but what impressed him the most.

“When I tried the paella on the mountain, I thought I hadn’t eaten anything richer”

According to Jiang, she knew that ever since she tasted wood-fired paella in the mountains, she wanted to devote the rest of her life to this recipe: “When I tried that paella in the mountains, I thought I had never tasted anything this delicious before. Although I haven’t tried a lot of Spanish food because I normally eat Chinese food. and although we do a lot of rice in China, it has nothing to do with it, rice stuff. When I saw the paella made with wood, I went to YouTube and learned it there.. And it’s not easy.”

Paella is not rice with things

Because he grew up in China, we agree that although nothing he’s prepared in his life needs the technique that Valencia paella requires, according to the chef, he has more than just checking out Binhui Jiang rice: “The Valencian paella is the hardest rice I’ve ever prepared.. More than seignioré or seafood rice… and even more if cooked with firewood”.

“Although we do a lot of rice in China, it has nothing to do with it, rice is about things”

For the typical Chinese food we all have in mind, we asked Jiang about the similarities, differences, and nuances between cooking rice and cooking it over paella. And the chief is clear: “Chinese rice is not rice, it doesn’t get flavor., so you always have to accompany it with something very tasty, but Valencian paella has nothing to do with it, it is very difficult to prepare and very difficult to win a prize. me orI make paella every day n months before the competition under the same conditions”, the conductor tells us about his preparations for the competition.

While it’s impossible to compare the rice in paella with Chinese rice, the chef assures you: She likes to combine both worlds with recipes that are a little here and a little there.: “We founded the restaurant in 2016 and since then I have made fusion paella with Chinese vegetables many times”, the chef admits.

From ratios to rice type

Ever since Chef Bunhui Jiang had his first almost spiritual experience with paella on a mountain, he hasn’t stopped playing trial and error until he has managed to closely observe Valencian paella, learn every step of the way, and do the best in the country.

Binui Jiang cooks Valencian paella.
Binhui Jiang cooks Valencian paella.

According to the chef, the most important thing to cook the best paella is the sauce, garlic and vegetables: “I added seven garlicbut the ratio is a clove of garlic for four servings,” admits the chef. “In the end, the paella is all measured: rice, peppers, tomatoes… it all depends on the rice you add, it depends on the recipe. You prepare and it depends on the type of fire.

As for rice, Binhui Jiang prefers the local produce and buys rice in the field: “I buy in El Palmarthis is rice that has a lot of flavor and I love it.” in the heat and then patiently lowers the heat” loves.

The owner of Mesón El Molino assures that the award is starting to get noticed in terms of bookings and volume of customers and that although the road so far has been long, his aim is to continue working as he has done so far. to improve yourself. And he has already shown us that he has accomplished everything he planned to do.

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