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INTERNATIONAL / Rabbit Meat, the winning secret of the International Paella Competition

The winning secret of the International Paella Contest is Rabbit Meat

INTERCUN was responsible for awarding the second prize of the competition, which was obtained by the Chinese-born chef Binhui Jiang. All the paellas in the competition had rabbit meat as one of the star ingredients. Contestants and participants managed to discover firsthand the secrets of this essential meat in the Mediterranean Diet.

No argument, the authentic Valencian paella has Rabbit Meat, and this was demonstrated in the 61st edition of the Sueca Valencia International Paella Contest, with Rabbit Meat among the ingredients for the winning recipe. Mexican chefs Rogelio Castañón and Alfonso Ovalle won the first prize.

The culinary properties of rabbit meat are perfectly adapted to the star dishes of Valencian and Spanish gastronomy. “The intense taste of rabbit meat combined with its smooth texture makes it ideal for paella and goes perfectly with other meats and ingredients such as snails and vegetables,” said the managing director of INTERCUN Mari Luz Of Saints. INTERCUN was responsible for providing rabbit meat for all paellas in the competition.

However, not only the taste of rabbit meat, but also its characteristics make it ideal for health. “This is a very low-fat white meat that provides a high protein content with almost no caloric intake. All this increases its digestibility, as proteins of high biological value are best absorbed by our body,” said Mari Luz. From the saints.

The Secret of the Mediterranean Diet Reaches Sueca

Sueca is synonymous with paella, originally considered the world capital of Paella. That’s why INTERCUN wanted to take part in the 61st edition of the Sueca Valencian Paella International Competition. There, chefs, competitors and the public saw firsthand the quality and advantages of the European rabbit meat production model, which succeeded in obtaining the highest quality meat by following the world’s most stringent standards, taking care of the environment. and animal health.

The perfect paella has rabbit meat

As stated in the competition rules, the rabbit is one of the necessary ingredients for cooking authentic Valencian paella. According to the official recipe of the Sueca International Valencian Paella Competition, rabbit is an essential part of any Valencian paella.

MATERIALS (for 4 people):

400 grams of Swedish rice. 800 grams of chicken. 400 grams of rabbit meat. 1 dozen “vaquetes” (snails). Vegetables: 400 gr. carob, 150 gr. tabella and 300 gr. beans. Olive oil. 1 clove of garlic, peeled and minced and 1 ripe tomato, crushed. 1 tablespoon of paprika, saffron, salt, sprig of rosemary (optional).


Cut the chicken and rabbit into regular pieces, add salt, heat the oil in the paella and gently fry the pieces of meat. After the meat is roasted, add the vegetables and fry them. Then add the garlic, chili peppers and tomatoes. Then 2 l is added. water, snail. Cook everything for 10 minutes. Then add the saffron strings and rice spread over the entire surface of the paella and cook on very high heat for 8 minutes. Then the fire is taken, it is cooked for another 10 minutes on low heat, it is ensured to get the socarrat point.

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