L'Etno, 'Espanta la por!'  with "Valencia's horror dream".
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L’Etno, ‘Espanta la por!’ with “Valencia’s horror dream”.

VALENCIA (EP). L’ETNO organizes the VII edition of the Museu Valencià d’Etnologia, Espanta la por! Per Tots Sants portrays campaign valencians who justify Valencia’s horror dream as the All Saints festival, celebrated on November 1, approaches. Xavier Rius, MP for culture, said: “This year Espanta la por! is more lively than ever and the center of the campaign will be the publication of the ‘Unfinished Valencia Fantasy Guide’, in addition to the didactic proposal. Baby and Elementary, the campaign and other events in libraries or ethnological museums, as well as Fiesta Programming l’ETNO with the Tournament of Valor or II Gran Fallera Calavera”. Written by Joan Borja, Francesc Gisbert and Víctor Labrado and illustrated by Marc Bou, ‘The Unfinished Valencia Fantasy Guide’ was born with the intention of being the reference work for “everything we know at this point in the Valencian imagination”, while also with the desire to “impress everything that has not yet been collected”. It will be introduced on October 22.

Scare the por in schools and libraries

Since 2020, Valencia schools are making a didactic proposal for Early Childhood and Primary Education that helps students learn “more and better” about Valencia’s spooky images, its connections to Mediterranean culture, and its relationship to the Halloween party during All Saints celebrations. . In addition, the school program equips little ones with tools and characters to drive fear away, while bringing them closer to a specific reflection on fear. In the school program, the hero of each lesson is a Valencian monster and serves as a common topic in all fields of knowledge. Thus, the giant, witch and dragon accompany the children aged 3, 4 and 5, respectively.

As for primary school, the courses have l’Home del sac (first), Quaratamaula (second), l’Home dels Nassos (third), Dimoni (fourth), Caro (fifth) and Queixalets (sixth) as the characters they work on. Knowledge of English, Spanish, Valencian, math, music or media. The material sent to schools consists of a teacher’s guide that addresses the educational elements (skills, objectives, content, topics and assessment criteria) that need to be addressed according to the courses, and school materials to be studied in the classroom. Exercises and tasks to be done by students. In the 2021 edition, more than 100 schools from different Valencia regions participated in the project, realizing the didactic proposal in the classrooms or Espanta la por! joined the museum to run school workshops.

On the other hand, more than 100 Valencian towns are registered to actively participate in Espanta la por! through local public libraries and ethnological museums. In 2022 they will be key assets to help complete the ‘Unfinished Valencia Fantasy Guide’ and learn more about our fantastic geography, as well as presenting their own program full of readings, games and stories.


The cycle of events at the headquarters of L’ETNO-Museu Valencià d’Etnologia will begin on October 15 with the ‘Fiesta Valor’. The Night of Tales will end on November 13. It includes a diverse program aimed at adults as well as family and school audiences. Activities for family and school audiences will include witches of Valencia at the workshop ‘Where the Witches Live’, which has two versions for families and schoolchildren. The workshop for families will be held on Sunday, October 23 – November 13, and the workshop for schools at the museum will be held from Tuesday to Friday, October 18 – November 11.

L’ETNO is the children’s stories Espanta la por! published the fifth volume of his collection. ‘Am I a witch?’ Written by Mercé Climent and illustrated by Marc Bou, it is the title of the story that will discover this year how witches are alive and quite different from what we think and do not fly on broomsticks. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, October 26 at 18:00.

The children’s proposal was completed with four theatrical performances for families conducted in collaboration with the SARC of Valencia City Council: ‘Little Girl and the other wolves’, at the Teatro la Estrella on 16 October at 11:00 and 12:45; ‘Scary stories to piss with laughter… or not’ at 11:00 and 12:45 on October 23 at the NANO Association; ‘Fear’ by Dani Miquel at 11:00 and 12:45 on 30 October; and ‘Biocontes witches, donyets and other colors. ‘Moon, Art and Environment’ on November 6 at 11:00 and 12:45.

For adults

Among the events for adult audiences, the Festival of Valor stands out with Nit de Rondalla, which will start Espanta la por, on October 15 at 20:00! 2022. For the second year, a sobaquillo dinner will be held at Plaça de L’ETNO, preferably to an adult audience, to pay homage to Enric Valor, verbal and oral. The presentation of ‘The Unfinished Valencian Fantasy Guide’ by authors Joan Borja, Francesc Gisbert and Víctor Labrado and illustrator Marc Bou will take place on October 22 at 12 noon.

II. The Great Fallera Calavera Tournament will be held on November 5 at 10:00. This tournament, which will attract 120 people in the courtyard of l’ETNO, will be managed by the author of the game, Enric Aguilar. Outstanding Espanta la por, appreciated by all the people involved! They will be able to get your letter. There will also be the participation of Zombie Paella. ‘Mançanetes’, a concert from the Diputación de Valencia Department of Culture’s Music in Construction cycle, can be watched on 5 November at 18:00. This concert will combine the notes of the accordions of Jordi Pastor and Pau Barberà with the magic of Almudena Francés’ oral narration.

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