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Make a delicious paella with the Aldi paella pan

Few can resist anything good Seafood Rice. dir-dir recipe rice it’s so delicious Valencian Community, a region located in eastern Spain. But to do it best you need good tools or materials and one of the key elements of that is a paella panA type of large skillet specially designed for cooking paella. If you’re looking for one, you’re in luck because supermarket chain Took fantastic sell.

You’ll find few paella pans better than one. Took It is on the market as it is used even by great Spanish chefs. You can prepare an amazing meal at home to surprise your family and friends. Discover all the features of this product below. You will love it!

Top quality paella pan sold at Aldi

This paella pan is manufactured by the Infinity Chefs brand, which brings together all kinds of cooking products, especially premium household items. Approved by great chefs including Pepe RodriguezThe owner of the restaurant ‘El Bohío’ has been awarded a Michelin star and is known as one of the judges of Masterchef Spain. Actually, It is the person who appears as the brand image of Infinity Chefs products..

Paellera Infinity Chefs Aldi
Infinity Chefs paella pan available at Aldi

Back to the paella pan, It is made of forged aluminum and has a very effective non-stick coating.. The exterior is in a very stylish matte black color, so it blends perfectly with the tones of your kitchen. Can be used in any kitchen: gas, electric, glass-ceramic or induction; and dishwasher safe for added convenience. Finally, This paella pan gives you all these benefits for just 24.90 Euros., because it’s the price it has. It seems unbelievable how cheap it is because the paellas you can make with it are to die for!

The importance of having a good paella pan like Aldi’s

If you really like Paella and want to prepare it the traditional Valencian way and in the best possible way, It is important that you have a paella pan of the best possible quality.. Handling a large circular pan with two side handles may seem complicated, but you get used to it quickly and you’ll get much better results. It is true that you can also use a conventional frying pan, as long as it is large and you will prepare the paella for several people., but the most recommended is the paella pan. We recommend this Aldi product, which will take your paellas to a whole new dimension.

Pepe Rodriguez’s favorite paella ingredients for you to prepare with Aldi’s paella pan

Pepe Rodriguez is one of the visible faces of the Infinity Chefs brand, so…What better idea than making the paella that a chef of your level loves best?? In this way, your guests will definitely leave with a good taste in your mouth. And you know best? It’s really simple, because you don’t have to collect the materials yourself: you just need to buy the Pepe Rodríguez Paellissimo kit, which includes: Everything you need to make this delicious pilaf in just 17 minutes.

Paellissimo Pepe Rodriguez
Pepe Rodriguez paella set

The package includes: 200 grams of rice, rabbit, chicken, green beans and carob beansThe original ingredients of Valencian paella. It’s normal to have distrust of a prepared meal, but we assure you it’s different from anything because it’s very different from anything else. It makes it easy for you to buy the ingredients, but you have to prepare the recipe.. Take advantage of Aldi’s paella pan with Spanish chef Pepe Rodríguez’s favorite paella!

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