Mozos de Escuadra, neither shame nor decency.  - Pablo Planas

Mozos de Escuadra, neither shame nor decency. – Pablo Planas

Catalonia’s autonomous police “Mossos d’Esquadra” is one of the State structures that the separatists manipulate at will, just like the public and subsidized media and the monstrosity of the “escola catalana”. The recent dismissal of a mozos president, who was the sixth in five years, underscored political use of the body, seventeen thousand gunmen are in the hands of Cunts per Catalunya (JxCat), first and now the ERC. Two parties with accredited putschist solvency.

The subject, like all disasters in Catalonia, comes from afar. From the times of Pujol, who wanted an extensive police force to repel the Civil Guard and the National Police of Catalonia. And he understood. Very few members of both bodies remained in the region and were scorned by the coup officials. The last example of this disrespect, Generalitat’s refusal to give these agents the covid vaccine at the same time as the waiters.

There is a serious problem in Catalonia, not only in terms of citizen security, but also in terms of public order and political hygiene. Famous “big” Rag Two years before the coup, Puigdemont was photographed sharing paella with Laporta, activist Pilar Rahola, and some friends. They looked satisfied. Trapero was the cook and Puigdemont played the guitar, both wearing Hawaiian shirts issued by the then district police chief. Only the abbot of Montserrat was missing, along with the maracas.

The same Trapero, who clashed with the Civil Guard Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos, boycotted police response to coup by colleague from PaellasHe sent his agents on the day of the trial to look for mushrooms and to get away with a sentence he went so far as to say he had a plan to arrest Puigdemont and Junqueras but avoided it because no judge wanted it. do so. He was acquitted in a controversial decision by the National Supreme Court, reinstated by Puigdemont’s party, but the ERC blamed him for Trapero’s refusal to provide him with an unrequited escort to the pardoned Junqueras.

After Trapero, they dismissed the head of the investigation unit. Tony Rodriguezfor refusing to report on investigations conducted by its own branch as the judicial police on cases involving nationalist politicians such as Quim Torra, Miquel Buch or the famous Laura Borràs. And now they reloaded a superior boss they had placed, Commissioner Stellaon the pretext that he is against the “feminization” of the body.

Actually, What he was against was a girl being promoted to the police station because, in her opinion, she wasn’t prepared.. He also opposed his number two trick, which made his bed permanently, in the time between Esquius and Trapero. named sallentagain the boss (to be replaced by a woman in January) and regional police chief Pere Ferrer say he used to get along well with the Junts, and now it’s known he’s not. .

The chaos in “Mossos” is absolute. There are agents on social networks shouting separatist slogans, writing barbarism to “settlers”, “nordos” or “trade unionists” to citizens who must be protected regardless of their origins, origins or political opinions. Agents who investigate politicians by court order are subject to all kinds of pressure. Judges and prosecutors cannot count on their instructions not being promptly transmitted to the “administrative” orders of these police officers, given the circumstances.

It was not the first time that he lost the trust of the judiciary in “Mossos”. During the coup, they ordered the judicial buildings to be taken out of their custody because they felt more missed than protected. With the application no. 155, the order was canceled.

The star moment of “Mossos” came because of the Islamist attacks on Barcelona’s Ramblas and Cambrils on August 17, 2017, where separatism brought shameless or judicial consequences to the Spanish secret services. The agents of the corpse killed all the terrorists of some youths of Moroccan origin, who were raised in the town of Ripoll, Girona. As a result, the coup Generalitat had a crushing response. Propaganda campaign to present Trapero as the embodiment of the perfect copThe man destined to control the public order of the approaching Catalan republic. It was nothing compared to the FBI, Scotland Yard or even the Canadian Mounted Police “Mossos d’Esquadra”. Then came 1-O, those “binomies” dedicated to keeping the referendum bullshit right and queuing if the Civil Guard or National Police came along.

And now this. The ERC’s obscene maneuvers are even more pornographic than Junts’s. Check out “Mossos” and destroying the reputation they may have left as an ordinary police officer in exchange for becoming their Gestapo. The smokescreen is that in a few months they will hold a woman accountable. They have neither shame nor decency.


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