Murcian town of San Javier: stars and restaurants
seafood paella

Murcian town of San Javier: stars and restaurants

President of the Region of Murcia, Fernando Lopez Heritageand the mayor of San Javier, Jose Miguel Luengosubmitted the nomination to welcome the future in this Murcian town Spanish Space Agency and he underlined “strategic situation” for land, sea and air connections.

Specifically, existing facilities former San Javier airportHe reminded that Aena had invested one and a half million euros a year before closing, so it was in a position to open at the beginning of 2023.

The President of the Region of Murcia, after examining the call in detail and receiving the report of the relevant experts, “Objectively, there is no better place to host this Agency than in San Javier in all of Spain”because “no other possible location has better meteorological, geographical, strategic and technical conditions”.

López announces a 1.2 million boost for Heritage

Thus, he announced that the Agency would be involved. Next to the General Air Academywhich means to support relations with the Air and Space Army and to comply with one of the priorities of the call, instant availability of infrastructure.

It was also found in ” maximum security environment: a military campus with an independent entrance”, recalls López Heritage, who sought the support of the entire Murcia community.

At the event, it has Support from three universities in the region – through their rectors: José Lujan (UMU), Michael’s Beatrice (UPCT) and Josefina Garcia Lozano (UCAM)-; President of the Union of Cooperatives of the Region of Murcia (Uçomur), Juan Antonio Pedreno; Head of Croem, José Maria Albarracin; and manager of the factory in Fuente Álamo of the multinational aviation company Mtorres, which is a benchmark in the aviation industry.

Fernando Lopez Heritage:

According to López Heritage, one of the advantages of the project is that San Javier has already performed installations that can be used “immediately”Aena recalled that the airport had invested “one million euros in office space, two years before it closed in 2019,” in all its civil infrastructure.

It became the property of the Ministry of Defense from then on, with flights stopped in January 2019. However, the president, the minister in charge of the treasury, Luis Alberto Marinwill sign Appointment to the Community by the Ministry of Defense for 75 years.

The agency is expected to enter. It will be operational in the first quarter of 2023with a budget 500 million € and creation more than 70 jobs.

San Javier Beachfront Restaurants

Although the President of the Region of Murcia did not mention it in his speech, one of the advantages he offered in his candidacy is, gastronomy and restaurants.

Essential snacks in the Region of Murcia: rice cauldron

San Javier has 23 kilometers of coastline on the Mar Menor and 16 kilometers on the Mediterranean Sea.There are very few places in the world that can boast of having two seas at once. It’s one of the region’s most popular destinations, and one of the greatest pleasures of cooking is enjoying a meal at a venue. beach restaurant, here we review those in San Javier that offer this opportunity.

Deniz Gregorio, one of the Lonjas

Summer is approaching and many are already planning their holidays. Many will choose beach tourism Before leaving Spain, the Region of Murcia will be one of the most preferred destinations for Spaniards.

One of the Murcian municipalities with a privileged sea view San Javier. there is a restaurant Deniz Gregorio, one of the Lonjas (Esplanade Barnuevo, 13, 30720, Santiago de la Ribera, San Javier).

The establishment offers seafood cuisine.and above all fish, Mediterranean seafood, paellas and seafood-style rice dishes with lobster.

It has a capacity of 70 people and you can call for reservation. 968 570 309.

san javier restaurant

Marino Gregorio from Lonja. Photo: Facebook

sunset field

As the saying goes, lunch or dinner at a restaurant Arms of the Mar Menorin his town San Javierit’s always an unforgettable experience, but to do it at the restaurant sunset field rise to experience.

You can enjoy the best in the Sunset Area. Murcia Region gastronomyIn front of Barón Island, on the Mar Menor, with an amazing view of the beach. While your kids are swimming on the beach, a paella or some cocktails in the relaxation area is priceless.

And all this, whether you are married or not. We say it because the Sunset Area is one of the top 10 places to celebrate an original wedding chosen by a prestigious company. women’s magazine.

Sunset Area (Tourist Murcia)
sunset field. Photo: Tourist Murcia

With a capacity of 284 people, it is an ideal facility when it comes to celebrations. banquets for groups, companies and celebrations With rich menu options such as ‘Homemade croquettes with spicy tomatoes’, ‘Shrimp omelettes dedicated to Cádiz’, ‘Chicken Shish with BBQ sauce and soy sauce wrapped in kiko’, ‘Bao bread with beef, mushrooms and piquillo peppers’, ‘Bao bread with minced meat, pickles, Mini fritters stuffed with crispy onions and barbecue’, ‘Garlic shrimp casserole’…

Sunset Area, Pdruchillo, km.9, La Manga del Mar Menor is in the Municipality of San Javier. Phone numbers: 968 14 32 00 and 687 57 89 63. and your website

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