Opinion |  Take back control.  Guillermo Lopez Garcia's photo.

Opinion | Take back control. Guillermo Lopez Garcia’s photo.

take back control. That was the successful slogan of Brexit supporters in the 2016 referendum. Coming out of the then (and now) ruling Conservative Party, opposing their own prime minister to gain popularity, and they too “back control”, in this case the Conservative Party’s control. In front of all Boris Johnsonformer Mayor of London and scary boy Conservatives are nice, funny, chaotic and unscrupulous.

The game went very well. A clear but not overwhelming majority of Britons voted to escape the stifling bureaucracy of the European Union so that the UK could regain its place in the world. And he definitely takes it back with a forced march… But that’s not where they think it is. In fact, this has little to do with the imperial illusions that portray the pastoral vision of a UK free from EU ties, which must be achieved by severing or weakening trade ties with the European continent and replacing them with other countries. partners; a vision that involves a lot of volunteerism and wishful delusion and almost no economic realism.

Six years later, England is on the map, no doubt about it. It is a country that never gets tired of making a fool of itself, thanks to the inconsistencies and disasters of its political class; be the subject of global ridicule. The voters put the country’s reins in the hands of Boris Johnson and his then (2019) overwhelming charisma and undoubted popularity that gave the Conservatives a historic majority. By then, Johnson had already gotten rid of two prime ministers… wait for me to remember, I don’t. It’s been so long… Almost three years: David Cameronwho resigned after losing the Brexit referendum in 2016 and Theresa MayHe was also overwhelmed by Brexit, rejecting a “too soft” deal with the European Union.

Boris Johnson.  Photo: Dan Kitwood/PA Tel

Johnson confirmed his legitimacy as president, particularly in the north of England, with a landslide victory in 2019 that put voters held by the Labor Party for decades into the hands of the Conservatives; a region that has voted overwhelmingly in favor of Brexit and has felt and felt neglected by the “bureaucrats” in both Brussels and London. Since then, his mandate has basically consisted of a self-destructing spiral to undermine his support among the electorate and above all within his own parliamentary group, mainly in two ways: Johnson’s scandals on the one hand and his double standards among the public. what he said and did about the pandemic and incarceration (who would have suspected this: a person with the profile of Boris Johnson was dedicated to throwing parties on Downing Street, “ignoring” the sanitary restrictions imposed on the rest of the population); on the other hand, the realization that the promises of Brexit did not come true, that this decision contributed to the impoverishment of the population and made the UK into apathy.

It must be said that it was quite unfair when one considers that Boris Johnson was forced to leave power due to pressure from the parliamentary group; mainly because these parliamentarians have achieved excellent results thanks to him and his charisma. Keeping the seat, kicking out whoever gave it, but without ever going to the polls again and trying to confirm that decision (because the polls were already giving the Conservatives very bad results) is very weak in public opinion. .

What legitimacy Liz Cage His rise to power, backed by a third of the parliamentary group and 80,000 conservative militants, has nothing to do with what Johnson had and still has. The former prime minister came to his previous post not knowing very well how he did it. His chief virtue seemed to be the ability to blend in with what he thought was the most popular at any given time. He’s not very popular with the population, but he was popular with his coreligionists in the Conservative Party, who they thought would like his magic plan to cut taxes while increasing spending. A square of the circle corrupted by the suffocating bureaucracy of the markets.

Photo: James Manning/PA Tel

Without real support and legitimacy, Truss since his arrival has been a complete disaster and has clearly demonstrated his inability to run the country. Everyone jumped on him, starting with his party’s MPs, willing to do anything to retain their seats and avoid snap elections, right now, according to surveysIt will result in a difference of more than 30 points between the Labor Party (over 50% on the poll average) and the Conservatives (around 20%).

This is a sinking that started with Johnson but increased exponentially in the 45th century. famous Cage days. That’s why conservative parliamentarians don’t even think about doing what needs to be done in such a situation: Let the citizens speak up and whoever takes power can legitimize it with the ballot box. Toriessure, someone will be a Labor leader today, Keir Star). At the same time, they are not considering restoring power to Boris Johnson, who they expelled and ran in disguise to “take back control” and continue with the grotesque.

From this unassuming column one can pray that parliamentarians display a minimum of democratic ethics, as well as a sense of showmanship, and that Johnson returns through the front door. After all, given the position he has put us this Friday Lucia Marquez On the show ‘La Paella Rusa’ Villain Albion Special I chose British sitcoms and subtle British humor (which consisted of asking us to say something nice about England as a prerequisite to start laughing at the British).

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