La paella es el plato español más internacional..

Paella: the most searched recipe on the Internet

“Original Paella” joined the wordpaelladay actions with an attractive draw among rice cookers to commemorate the distribution of 15,000 promotional aprons from the original paella in over 120 countries around the world*

Following the #360paellachallenge, which coincided with the last issue of World Paella Day and started by Original Paella, the viral phenomenon where participants demonstrated their skills as rice cooks by turning cooked paella over, this year Special, Original Paella, to commemorate such a day and encourage participation. On September 20, “International Paella Day”, Instagram followers who post their paella in their stories will be drawing a raffle for 10 complete paella packs, including, among others, the official World Paella Day apron. @originalpaella’s instagram bio)

The campaign will also feature outstanding participation from some of the most important bloggers in the rice world: @SocarrosBlog @RicePaella @elchefkent @arrocesconestilo, @on_the_river, @rubenfenollarchef or Facebook group Paellas y Arroces (over 20,000 members)

Javier Baixauli, CEO of ** wanted to evaluate the viral campaign of #360paellachallenge and said, “The hashtag created just for the campaign on the tik-tok social network has already exceeded 3,000,000 views among most of the 60 people. USA, Canada, Challenge participants from countries like France, Cyprus, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Japan, Australia and of course Spain”. Also, “To successfully accomplish this challenge, it’s important that the paella be the way we like it in Valencia, namely dry, thin, with a good charrat, and the traditional 5-minute rice rest. If the rice still has the broth, the paella has a thin layer.” It is important to know that it will not have the consistency necessary to successfully perform the challenge. The rice layer to paella is based on the socarrat itself, resting the rice is essential as it will make the rice layer more compact”.

He underlined the importance of such an event to promote Paella internationally, which contributes significantly to the marketing and development of the relevant product, such as the necessary ingredients, especially basic equipment such as rice, paella or paella pans, gas. Paella pans, utensils, etc., produced practically entirely in the Community of Valencia, including what they can represent for restaurants and accommodation. In order to measure this kind of action as a whole, we will briefly present the international study of paella 2022, in which we can observe very interesting data, it should be noted already that paella is the most sought-after Spanish recipe. worldwide internet, searches for the word “paella” have nearly doubled since 2015, increasing from 5.4 million in fiscal year 2021 to 10.5 million searches, but compared to January-June 2022 alone, 2021’s search volume is already It’s even more positive when we compare it to match and represent an increase in searches. More than 22% compared to the same period in 2021″.

Original Paella is a sponsor of World Paella Day and will provide the technical equipment for cooking paellas in the competition, mainly dedicated to the international export of paellas, gas burners and in general all kinds of tools and materials to make the best paellas anywhere. The company, which also has a division of giant paellas and popular foods in the world, wants to join this initiative, which distributes more than 15,000 promotional aprons among customers from more than 120 countries in 5 continents, while also proudly promoting the original. Paella from Valencia in almost every corner of the planet #elpoderdelapron.

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