Paella & Wine Fest has arrived in Puebla

Paella & Wine Fest has arrived in Puebla

The event aims to bring together paella and wine lovers in a hundred percent family environment.

Well the word goes “It is found in real wine” and so it will arrive in November Puebla Second National Edition Paella & Wine FestivalTop 20 expert chefs will take part in the preparation of Paella.

And of course, you can taste the wines of the country’s most well-known wine brands at the event to accompany the paella.

Paulina Robledo member of Festival Organizing Committeeannounced the purpose of the event at the press conference held “It brings together paella and wine lovers in a hundred percent family atmosphere colored by cultural and art shows.”

for your share Teresa Guzmansommelier “The Fifth Convent”He stated that there will be special wines that are not sold to the public, giving a privilege to the festival with wineries as important as Monte Xanic, Alto Tinto, Primitivo Hacienda de Letras, Cava Prudhomme and Wine Not. , Vinyaco, among many more. “So you shouldn’t miss out on this wonderful experience that will appeal to your taste buds.”

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Fernando AjaThe famous paella chef pointed out that people will enjoy the magic and experience of each one of their work. “Paella pans”It will present 40 different styles of preparation in front of the eyes of the public, who will love the smell and taste of each dish, while tasting delicious wines in the company of family and friends. “It will be a unique coexistence and opportunity, achieved thanks to the efforts of the Organizing Committee.”

The event will come alive Joaquin Serrano young chilean singer “Prince of Song”, and participated in the second season of the young man “I” fully imitated jose joseIn addition to group participation ragazzi

the venue will be “Pyramids of Cholula Garden” Days 12 and 13 November enjoying the view of La Virgen de Los Remedios Temple in the background.

This event took place in July this year. CDMXon the canvas of charro del pedregal, which was very successful among its participants.

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if you want to go Paella & Wine Festival inside San Andres Cholula Ticket sales will be made through the system. and authorized sales points Puebla such as the box office of the Teatro Principal in Jardín Las Pirámides de Cholula (San Pedro Cholula); and in La Casona de Tlaxcala (Morelos No. 6 in Zócalo).

You can also request from 2211005026through personalized attention and What’s up?so you don’t miss both days, 11:00 in the morning and until 8:00 at night.

Prices are divided into three zones: VIP, Platinum and General; and considering the economy of the public, the proposal was divided into three phases: we are currently in Phase 2 (available through October) Overall ticket cost: $200.00platinum $450.00 and VIP $600.00. This is also a service fee with “Taquillacero” and is valid for one day only (at the discretion of those interested), so it is recommended to buy your tickets now and follow social networks. Paella and Wine Festival Puebla.

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