Roasts and dishes from the Southern Cone in Caracas

Roasts and dishes from the Southern Cone in Caracas

5353, a restaurant dedicated to Southern Cone delicacies that opened in Caracas about a year ago, serves Argentine roasts, Uruguayan cuts, corn cake, Chilean empanaditas, pork rind paella, entrails and provoleta are some of the dishes.

The initiative emerged from three partners, one Chilean, one Argentinian, and one Venezuelan who was a barista during the pandemic. In the garden of a house in Altamira, they started to prepare Argentinian style grills on the grills, as they did in that country on this occasion.

5353 In a house in Altamira. There is a barbecue in the garden, but the tables are closed. Photos by Gustavo Mendoza and Michelle de Cahna

Partner and barista Willy Marín explains that the transition from being just a barbecue place to being a restaurant was made by the same customers who started ordering southern dishes. This is how the partners dusted off the grandmothers’ recipes and started the standardization and testing process of typical dishes from these countries.

Willy Marín, barista and partner. courtesy photo

They remodeled the interior space and it now functions as a dining room and bodegón as they offer Uruguayan or Venezuelan pieces of meat for sale in Uruguayan delis. “For example, we have meat. Uruguaysays Marine.

They keep the roast strong point with cooking techniques inspired by their idol Argentinean. Francis Mallmann they do their grilled cuts like rib eye steak and rump tail here.

The grills were ordered to do like the Argentines. courtesy photo

It is also possible to taste dishes such as grilled provoloneA very common appetizer on Argentinian grills, it consists of a grill-roasted provolone-like cheese and is served golden on the outside and soft on the inside. One of the most requested by the regulars is the pork rind paella with roast beef that has become one of the 5353 classics.

Milanese intestines. courtesy photo
Choclo (corn) cake with black olives, quail eggs and steak. courtesy photo

a cafe of its own

Willy Marín is a barista and roaster and has learned the profession from teachers such as: Peter CarbonGustavo Paparoni, Paramaconi Acosta and Raul Martinez. Together with his partners, he decided to develop his own brand of coffee called Cordillera 1730 for 5353. This way they control the high quality of the beverage they serve.

Café Cordillera hails from Humocaro Alto in Lara province. courtesy photo

He explains that the beans were brought green from three producers in Humocaro Alto in Lara and roasted in 5353 spaces.

«We make three kinds of toast, the lightest, which is not in demand; Medium roast is a favorite as it preserves the sensory notes of coffee and above all the strong roast we do for our European listeners who prefer it that way,” says Marín.

The coffee beans are roasted according to the restaurant’s preference: light, medium or firm. courtesy photo

These cereals can be prepared any way the restaurant wishes, from traditional espresso, French press, aeropress, and even traditional Greek, among others.

Bar 5353 serves various types of coffee, including intervention. courtesy photo
The coffee offering is complemented by sweets like alfajores or savory snacks like empanaditas for those who just want a snack. courtesy photo

5353 coordinates

Instagram. @5353oficial and @cordillera1730

Where. The Altamira urbanization, the fifth Macrey, leads to La Flor de Altamira and is in front of the Don Bosco theater entrance.

Programs. From Wednesday to Saturday, from 12 to 21 and on Sundays from 9 to 18.

Price:%s. Some for reference: Argentine bills, $5 (including a coffee), empanadas (assorted types), 2 per unit and 5 in triples; corn cake, 6; Provolone, 13; Milanese intestine, 15; Pieces of meat from 19.

delivery. Yes.

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