Say goodbye to insomnia with these 15 dinners that will help you sleep well
vegetable paella

Say goodbye to insomnia with these 15 dinners that will help you sleep well

Dinner directly affects sleep. So you don’t wake up hungry in the morning, we suggest 15 different ideas for protein-rich dinners that contain complex carbohydrates that keep you full and reduce appetite, or amino acids like tryptophan, which promotes rest.

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If you have a good bed, your bedroom maintains the ideal temperature and you are not going through the stress phase, but if you are not sleeping well, you should reconsider your evening meals.

Open eggplant lasagna | Photo courtesy of Pixabay

The last meal of the day is the meal that affects rest the most. If you include stimulants, they will make it harder to fall asleep. If it is too much, digestion will be difficult and will not allow you to sleep well. If you barely eat dinner, hunger can wake you at dawn.

Foods to include in dinner

We suggest 15 ideas for your dinners to be the start of the best rest. Besides being easy to prepare, they help your body produce sleep-inducing substances.

They contain complex carbohydrates that increase the feeling of satiety, reduce appetite, increase insulin sensitivity and promote rest.

They provide proteins rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that is converted to serotonin, which is converted to melatonin, a vital sleep-promoting hormone. Without dietary protein, we have no way of producing all of these substances necessary for the sleep cycle.

Salmon Burger | Photo courtesy of Pixabay

We divided them into five large groups:

  • With vegetables and fish. Rich in zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, iron, iodine, vitamin A (beta-carotene), and vitamin D, fatty fish are excellent for preventing these sleep-depriving deficiencies.
  • With pasta. Like proteins, carbohydrates are necessary to complete the night-rest cycle: one of their functions is precisely to facilitate the entry of tryptophan into the brain.
  • With brown rice. It is generally more digestible than pasta.
  • It has all the essential amino acids we need, slow-absorbing carbohydrates, and potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.
  • With turkey and vegetables. A low-fat meat that gives you quality protein and tryptophan.

salmon burger

Pair it with a vegetable rich in choline and folic acid like broccoli and you’ll have a nutritious dinner.

All it takes is a fillet or a slice of that fish, well-boiled broccoli, 1 egg, salt and dill (or your favorite seasoning) to prepare the dough.

grilled cod

Another option is fish – this time white – very suitable for your dinners.

Serve with sautéed garlic and kale, another cruciferous vegetable (such as broccoli). You can also add roasted pumpkin.

Open eggplant lasagna

Crushed tomato sauce contains plenty of lycopene and vitamin C; Tuna, which has similar properties to salmon and spinach, is rich in iron, B vitamins and vitamin C.

Eggplant slices replace pasta. You can gratinate with mozzarella, another good source of tryptophan, protein, and calcium.

pasta with vegetables

Saute it with a mix of vegetables of all colors, onions, zucchini, carrots and paprika, which provide folic acid, vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin C, B vitamins and a long list of minerals.

Add an egg to complete the meal with quality protein. But grill it and you’ll avoid the calories in the fried version.

chicken spaghetti

You already know that it is better to prefer whole grain pasta whenever possible. In this suggestion, it is prepared with zucchini (you can add broccoli), chicken and a tablespoon of coconut milk. Chicken is a good source of tryptophan, and coconut milk contains lauric acid.

Adding zucchini spaghetti accomplishes two things: adding vegetables to the dish and reducing calories as you use less pasta this way.

Pappardelle with Tomatoes

You can prepare pappardelle with tomato, onion and shrimp sauce. Another option with tomato sauce (lycopene and vitamin C) and fish (in this case, shrimp).

Add more shrimp than pasta and increase the amount of vegetables. This will make the dish more complete and lighter. You can also add some oysters.

Stuffed Red Pepper

Paprika is a vitamin C and A bomb: top it off with steamed rice and your favorite vegetables (for example, chard and carrots, which contain iron, with more vitamin A). You can even add a few shrimps.

Finish this star dish with a grated hard-boiled egg. You can put it inside or pour it on top, according to your preference.

vegetable curry

This dinner consists of vegetables, curry, brown rice and coconut milk.

Saute carrots, leeks and zucchini, then add three tablespoons of coconut milk, curry (helps lower stress hormone), and some rice. Go with adding water little by little, the idea is to cook it all together so it absorbs the flavor.

sushi bowl

The name may surprise you, but it basically consists of pouring the most common sushi ingredients into a bowl. And the basis of this recipe is grilled salmon fillet.

Accompany with brown rice, vegetables and some dried seaweed flakes. But let the imagination fly! Add carrots, sesame, olive oil, spices… Although it may seem like an unusual dish at first glance, you can find all the ingredients in your nearest supermarket.

quinoa burger

The main ingredients are quinoa, pumpkin and almonds. Grind quinoa, boiled pumpkin and ground almonds (or almond flour) and give the resulting dough the shape of a hamburger. If you put the pumpkin in a higher ratio, it will be much lighter.

This idea contains numerous minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin A (carotene), and calcium (from almonds). Take the mézclum salad as a side dish.

Vegetable and quinoa paella

It is worth trying this surprising combination, where quinoa “steals” the position rice. You can include squid, shrimp, mussels, green beans, broccoli, onions, peppers, corn, sprouts or sprouts…

It is an ideal dinner to fill your plate with minerals and vitamins.

Zucchini or gratin

Choose a round one and you can stand upright on the plate. Drain the zucchini, sauté it with the spinach and quinoa, stuff it and grate with some cheese.

This dish contains plenty of folic acid, along with the tryptophan and zinc that cheese provides.

grilled turkey

It doesn’t have to be a boring meal: look at the presentation. It is an easy and light meal as well as providing ingredients to help you fall asleep.

Grill the turkey and accompany it with your choice of roasted or lightly sautéed vegetables. You can add some turmeric and seeds.

vegetable wraps

Instead of using the typical wheat or corn pancakes, we recommend making a roll with lettuce leaves.

Choose the largest and most tender so that they fold well. Wash and dry thoroughly and place small pieces of turkey and pre-cooked vegetables on them. Roll up and accompany with homemade yogurt dip if desired.

saffron turkey

Maybe you are accustomed to grilled meat, but you can also prepare it in the oven and give the pan a final touch to get a crispy exterior.

Serve with some fresh vegetables, such as lamb’s lettuce or some sweet potato chips, which you can cook at the same time as the meat to take advantage of the heat from the oven. It is a very rich combination of nutrients.

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