Scandal came with me to London!

Scandal came with me to London!

Arriving in London and causing the scandal! The prime minister was forcefully resigned by circumstances and a group of sexists in parliament, they already tried in their day. Margaret Thatcher but he was very brave, did not give up and came back stronger, put everyone in their place and made England an economic power again. Liz Cage I like that, just a smart woman would take tax cuts as the first step, especially corporate taxes because that always gets the economy going again. They got angry with him without even giving him a vote of confidence. They seem to prefer drunken fun Boris Johnson, who is the first to return. He must have missed that festive house back at 10 Downing Street, where his parties were paid with taxes from the British imprisoned without question. You have to have some dignity to want to come back after being badly fired for your shame and frivolity. Do not doubt that he somehow returned. The UK with Brexit is going downhill without braking: pound bottoming out, lack of control, lots of energy issues and lack of gas. I noticed the change when I arrived in Barajas and had to take a train to another terminal, S. They no longer take off like other flights and I warn you, it takes almost an hour to reach the boarding gate. We’ve had a lot of shooting stars lately, like Liz Truss, who resigned after only 45 days in office. my name Macarena Olona It was short but intense through Andalusia. Maximum Orchard “Summary” with just a week in the office. we had a king Louis IHe fell ill with smallpox, which seized the reins of Spain in January 1724, but was then fatal seven months later. He died on August 15 of the same year, days before his birthday. Became King of Spain for 229 days; that is the shortest reign in our history.

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