Sueca prepares the world's best paella
Valencian paella

Sueca prepares the world’s best paella

this gastronomic galaxy look today Swedish. For over sixty years this city, “best paella in the world”. The competition has changed direction. Capital of Ribera Baixa in one Spain’s culinary epicenter and the undisputed world leader most famous dish of local cuisine.

dean Spanish gastronomy competitions It has universal recognition in the industry. The oldest of the Iberian Peninsulaat the same time, because every call increased demand for participants comes from all corners of the world.

In recent years they have organized semi-finals on different continents. The participation of North America and above all Asia is already very important. This year 42 chefs will fight for the first place from 12 different countries.

They will be found on Passeig de l’Estació today, Pandemic Chefs from California and Texas (USA), Puerto Rico, Germany, Switzerland, UK, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Australia and France as venues for the competition.

will compete with three Swedish restaurants14 Valencians and thirteen others from Santander, Tenerife, Cadiz, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Tarragona, Formentera and Seville.

appreciation of Japanese society Valencia rice culture is particularly relevant. The presence of Japanese chefs in the competition is already very common.

They were among the first to recognize Swedish rice mastery and learn tirelessly wood fire cooking techniques become an expert The universal dish that arouses passions in every corner of the world: Seafood Rice.


The world’s best paella is selected at Sueca
Joan Gimeno

Swedish rice mastery

this origins of the competition come back 1961. That Swedish year 600th anniversary of Troballa de la Mare de Déu and the mayor of the time, Francisco Segarra, took advantage of the event and party dedicated to paella.

Thus was born Rice Festivalincluding a National Valencian Paella Competition. The party began to gain importance and classified as a tourist attraction in just five years. More and more people joined the gathering point 1,600 diners in 1974.

Inside 1987 A milestone was produced that marked the evolution of the competition. That year, Valencia Community Chefs Club, Valencian Association of Cooks and Pastry Chefs and Spanish Federation of Cooks and Pastry Chefs joined the organization and today, under the leadership of this professional support Jesús Melero, chef at Ri-Ra restaurant in Sueca.

Another turning point came in 1990 when participation was expanded to Europe, America and Japan. The doors of the competition were opened to the international arena.

And after foreign participation is consolidated, original recipe for valencia paella de Sueca made it official and declared as a competition National Tourist Interest Festival.

The desire to improve each year added a motivational bonus, which changes the direction of the festival for which Tony Landete is responsible today, adding that “continuing this edition will be something different, because we hope to experience it in a way as special as every year the competition is held».

Illusion is not lacking. A great pleasure for participants and participants.

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