Sueca Valencian Paella International Competition presents its 61st edition
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Sueca Valencian Paella International Competition presents its 61st edition

The Muntanyeta dels Sants promenade, with a landscape surrounded by rice fields, as is customary for the last three years, was the setting chosen to present the novelties of the next edition of the exhibition. Sueca International Valencia Paella Competition, 61, to be held on September 11 in its usual place before the pandemic: Parque de la Estación.

The oldest of those held in Spain, this gastronomic event will once again have a wide representation of the best professionals from different corners from the Valencian Community, Spain and the rest of the world. For its presentation at Muntanyeta dels Sants, a still life was designed, in which the new Sueca Tourist Brand is of great importance.

Dimas Vázquez, mayor of Sueca; Manoli Egea, member of the council responsible for tourism and the Sueca Valencian Paella International Competition; the director of the competition, Tony Landete; the gastronomy coordinator of the competition, Adolfo Cuquerella; and Salvador Ortega, president of the Hospitality Guild.

It is a great pleasure for us, as the City Council, to present our Competition and its innovations for another year, because it is a great honor to verify the fruits of this gastronomy with great effort and devotion. The character event is harvested from year to year. international; the love and admiration it evokes among experts in the field, visitors and the media; and the respect and interest of participants from all over the world”, The mayor of Sueca pointed, Dimas Vazquezwhich continues to reaffirm in this edition presented today, “We will spare no effort from the City Council, we will continue to strengthen and develop the competition; develops over time. This is how our ancestors wanted it. For this reason, it is our duty to know the importance of this legacy they have left us and to continue working to improve it.”.

Finally, the mayor of Sueca He thanked Manoli Egea, the council member responsible for the competition, and the people who worked throughout the year to make the competition successful. Likewise, he wanted to express his sincere thanks once again to the sponsor companies who dedicated themselves to the event; also the participants; to the great image of the media; and of course the citizens of Sueca for their constant support and the love they have always shown the event.

Councilor for the Sueca Valencian Paella International Competition, magnolia Aegean, At the beginning of his speech, he wanted to thank the work done by the previous organizer of the competition and congratulate the new team that faced difficulties in this competition. He also thanked the members of the Sueca Hospitality Guild, who were responsible for the organization and preparation of the meals served during and after the presentation.

Manoli Egea mentioned the number of 40 participants of this issue in his speech. “And the aim is to distribute it as follows: 3 local competitors, 14 from the Community of Valencia, 13 from different regions of Spain and 10 international competitors. Additionally, we are working to include some national semi-finals in the Competition following a similar scheme to what we currently do with the international semi-finals held in the United States, Japan and Mexico. Also, efforts are being made to expand it to New Zealand, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Belgium or Italy.”pointed magnolia Aegean, Kim also reported that pre-registration will open next June.

On the other hand, Manoli Aegean Confirmed this is its second edition this year Competition for Young Chefssuspended The last two years due to the epidemic. Created in 2019 as part of the celebrations of the Sueca Valencia International Paella Competition, this competition aims to attract the youngest population of the municipality. “After the success of the first edition, with the aim of organizing the next one already During the weekend of the Fiestas de la ciudad, involve teenagers aged 12 to 16 around our most international dish they must cook according to the Concurs recipe. “Our goal is to bet on their abilities while motivating young people to show their skills and commitment to our traditional cuisine.”. As a novelty this year, 3 boys and girls from each school in the city will be able to participate, in addition to the 16 Fallas commissions. this Competition for Young Chefs will take place within the framework of deserter During that weekend in September, it will once again offer visitors a wide and varied offering of rice dishes, sausages and artisanal desserts.

Finally, Manoli Aegean wanted to thank the sponsors’ cooperation, “Once again for their significant support of Competition despite the merger of the two US companies; The effort and effort of all personnel participating in the organization of the event is essential..

In his speech, the manager of the event said, Tony Landet He noted that both he and the Contest’s gastronomic coordinator, the Sueca Hospitality Guild, and the Sueca City Council have a clear purpose: “Proposing our Concurs as a means of valuing Sueca as Spain’s City of Rice and the World Capital of Paella. Some changes have been made to continue this goal. Our intention is to keep moving forward in the continuous improvement of Competition”. Likewise, he wanted to extend his thanks to the previous coordinator and all the people and organizations that made the event possible during this 60+1 year history, “provide reference; A meeting point where chefs from different parts of the world, different cultures and different gastronomies come together to cook the original recipe of the Sueca Valencia International Paella Competition, thus contributing to its worldwide recognition.”. In the same direction, the new gastronomy coordinator of the competition, Adolfo Cuquerella and Salvador Ortega, president of the Sueca Hospitality Guild.

In addition to the extensive representation of the media attending the event, the event was also attended by Falleras Mayores de Sueca, El Perelló and Mareny de Barraquetes, Alicia Falcó and Helena Mompó, as in the last three years. as well as Bernardo Garrigós, Chairman of the Fallera Local Government Board, invited by the city’s mayor and council member responsible for the event.

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