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Valencian paella

Teka celebrates World Paella Day with its MasterSense range of induction cookers

Teka celebrates World Paella Day (September 20) with its MasterSense range of induction cookers.

If there is a Spanish gastronomic dish known worldwide, it is Valencian paella. This traditional recipe stands out for its complex preparation: it is important to have good ingredients, enough time and, of course, a suitable surface for cooking.

However, it is not necessary to have a wood or gas stove to make paella, it is also possible to cook with an exquisite taste on the induction cooker, in a comfortable and accessible way, at the perfect spot and with a delicious taste.

Teak Paella

Become a rice master at the touch of a button

From Teka they state: “model Direct Meaning It is the only one on the market that offers the ability to cook rice from start to finish at the push of a button. Just put the rice and water in the bowl and select the RiceCooking function. When the rice is ready, the cooker will automatically turn off thanks to the temperature and time control..

The MasterSense series stands out for its versatility, as it offers different models and sizes that fit perfectly into any kitchen. In addition, these plates make it possible to cook a meal from start to finish, thanks to temperature sensors.

In addition, these plates include a wide variety of direct access functions such as grilling, griddle, frying, simmering, slow fire, melting, confit or rice. By choosing one of these functions, the hob itself determines the ideal temperature.

This is possible thanks to its innovative technology with smart sensors that ensure a constant and even heat during the cooking of every recipe. Just select the function you want and the temperature controls will do the rest.

Tick ​​DirectSense plate

FullFlex induction: adapts to any pot

Within the MasterSense series we can find FullFlex induction hobs.

This mode offers maximum flexibility with the ability to use the entire surface as a single burner at the same time, and to cook with pans up to 420 mm. Other containers of different sizes and shapes can be used as needed.

flex zone

The MasterSense series also features Flex zones that we can add to traditional inductions providing extra flexibility. The flex zone is a rectangular zone that can be fully activated and allows us to grill or cook with rectangular dishes such as teppanyaki. It also has a special feature: the SlideCooking function, which automatically changes the power simply by sliding the cup over the plate. You can cook on high in the front, medium in the middle, and keep the recipes warm in the back.

Make it big: XXL space

On the other hand, for those who love to please countless restaurants with their recipes and are always in the MasterSense series, there is the possibility of obtaining plates with XXL zone, plates with a surface area of ​​320 mm with an added cooking zone. plate. induction for cooking with large pots.

Durability and high quality

Teka is committed to quality and durability, and it reflects this with its production materials. The plates are made of Schott ceramic glass: a way to stay in the kitchen of millions of homes for many years.

Teka and Product of the Year Awards

Teka continues to reinforce its commitment to innovation by launching relevant products for the consumer and inspiring key moments in the kitchen.

At the 2022 edition of the Product of the Year Awards, the only competition in Spain where consumers annually select the best innovations on the market, the MasterSense series was awarded the most innovative in its category.

Always at the forefront of smart programs and functions, the German brand achieved another success in the dishwasher category with its PremiumCare series, which guarantees complete hygiene in dishes.

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