The benefits of poking.  Why do nutritionists recommend it?
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The benefits of poking. Why do nutritionists recommend it?

Beyond the trend, poke has established itself as a healthy meal proposition. What characteristics does it have for nutritionists to recommend? Are they all the same, or are some healthier than others?

He was the perfect stranger at our table until five years ago. the poke was everywhere: we find it on office containers, fast food restaurants, informal menus and of course in all workplaces healthy. Because poking is associated with healthy eating and a well-balanced meal, but is it really like that?

The short answer is yes: poke is a healthy food option. The long answer leads us to determine how the poke should be nutritionally interesting. Therefore, first we define what it consists of, what its basis is, and then see its different types and how we can benefit from it… or vice versa.

origin of poke

Let’s get to its origin. Poke is a dish with Hawaiian roots that is strongly marked by Japanese influence.. The first staple was lightly marinated pieces of raw fish that Hawaiian fishermen ate while fishing in the high seas. They bought rice, soy sauce, and sesame oil, among other fish, from the Japanese. And all this is accompanied by vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts… Simplifying: it’s a salad of poke, rice and raw fish.

Be careful with dressing: Olive oil is always preferable to sesame oil or soy sauce for a healthy poke.

Be careful with dressing: Olive oil is always preferable to sesame oil or soy sauce for a healthy poke.

Nutritional values ​​of poke

“This combination of protein, high-quality carbohydrates, and vegetables is what gives it the nudge. very attractive for healthy eating“, explains nutritionist Lola Cano. “We take it as a single meal and we know it provides us with essential nutrients.”

Thus it is rich in the fish normally used (salmon and tuna). Omega-3 fatty acids (beneficial to cardiovascular health); fruits and vegetables provide a variety of vitamins and antioxidants; Whole grain carbohydrates are a good source of nutrients. insoluble fiber (which makes poke very satisfying), and seeds and nuts provide minerals and trace elements in addition to heart health.

In addition to all this, the nutritionist states, “a nudge can be done in a matter of minutes and very good alternative to fast food options much less recommended. Of course, we have to be careful with the ingredients: depending on what we add, it will be more or less healthy”.

What is the healthiest nudge?

That’s the key. We started to bring together more than one type under the name of Poke. Hawaiians of course raise their hands when they see what we’re doing with this dish in the West (as we do with the chorizo ​​in Jamie Oliver’s paella), but it’s not about being pure: I’m looking for food. simple, fast and healthypoking can give us a lot of play.

What are the healthy options? Lola Cano us” greens and vegetables, both raw and steamed or even grilled is always recommended. When it comes to fish, although we normally talk about tuna or salmon, which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, in reality, every fish is a protein of high biological value and is therefore of nutritional interest.”

The weak point – or at least, where there is a chance of making more mistakes -“ carbohydrates. We must buy them of good quality, meaning we are not interested in highly refined pasta, and yes, instead integral alternatives that contain more nutrients and are therefore more complete. Rice, quinoa… and also legumesIn addition to being high-quality carbohydrates, it provides us with vegetable proteins”.

To be healthy, half of the poke should be vegetables, a quarter protein (fish) and the other quarter quality carbohydrates.

In order to be healthy, half of the poke should be vegetables, a quarter protein (fish) and a quarter quality carbohydrates.

how to wear poke

If we want our poking to be healthy, another issue we need to pay attention to is dressings. High-calorie sauces (like mayonnaise or ketchup) and soy sauce, “you have to watch out for the salt, it’s your biggest risk”. in relation to Sesame oilThe nutritionist reminds us that “the healthiest oil is extra virgin olive oil.”

The ratio of ingredients in the poke

One last question: proportions. A poke with health benefits should be balanced and maintain the right proportions. “A healthy plate is a plate whose half consists of vegetables, fruits, vegetables and vegetables in general; one quarter will correspond to protein (fish in this case) and another quarter of high-quality carbohydrates. These are the right steps.”

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