The best paella in the world from two Mexican chefs

The best paella in the world from two Mexican chefs

from the restaurant MadridIn Guadarrama – the world’s best paella winners in 2021 – on the other side of the pond, Guadeloupe, Mexico. The first prize of the 61st Valencian Paella International Competition of Sueca (Valencia), held this Sunday, was awarded to the restaurant. Cigdem Gastronomy Servicesfrom Guadalupe (Mexico) and its two chiefs, Roger Castan Y Alfonso Ovalle“visibly excited” after hearing the decision and receiving the award ‘The best paella in the world.

On this occasion, the jury consisted of Sueca y Playas’ Hospitality Guild president. Salvador Ortega Prez; Training Area Director of the Turisme Comunitat Valenciana network at CdT- Javier Solson; Director of Mediterrnea-Gastrnoma, Alejandro Roda Alarcon’s photo.; President of the Valencian Community Gastronomy Academy, Belen Arias Paredesand Drsena-Rice Drsena Symposium Technical Director, Company of Cristina de Juan.

Likewise, the chef of the restaurant Madrid (Guadarrama-Madrid) Winner of the 60+1 edition of the competition, Javier Hernandez Hazel; Director and gastronomy critic of the Order of Origin, Santos Ruiz-lvarezserving as chairman of the jury and Macarena Tirado DomnguezHaving worked as a notary public, Sueca said in a statement to the City Council.

International Competition Swedish Valencia PaellaValncia Turisme, affiliated with the gastrotourism brand L’Exquisit Mediterrani and in cooperation with the Provincial Tourism Board, celebrated its new year. 61 prints at its usual place, Paseo de la Estación, with a large turnout of visitors to see how the ‘best paella in the world’ is cooked. Later, the award ceremony took place in a hall in the city.

The content and foundations of all of them were the same. Chicken, rabbit, cradle, wardrobe, tomatoes, saffron, Tap water, liquid oil, Salt Y dacsa rice your field.

First prize awarded by the mayor of Sueca, Dimas Vzquezequipped with a commemorative scroll and 2500 €and it was for the restaurant Cigdem Gastronomy Services, from Guadalupe-Zacatecas (Mexico). Second prize awarded by the council member responsible for the competition, Manoli Aegean1,500 euros and equipped with a scroll and Mesn El Molinofrom Valencia.

Finally, the third prize given by the Tourism Provincial Deputy, mayor of jordi1,000 euros and equipped with parchment, Restaurant Bornheimer Ratskellerfrom Frankfurt (Germany).

Other awards

Award in relation to the award for the best paella cooked by a national level restaurant, Atlantic Restaurant 57Award for best paella cooked by a restaurant from A Corua and in the Community of Valencia Restaurant for CerealFrom La Caada (Paterna).

Best paella cooked by a Sueca restaurant was the winner. Rebost Restaurant. Finally, the best paella cooked by a restaurant outside of Spain delicious paellaRichardson is from Texas (USA).

In this edition, the director general of Rural Development, among other officials, David Torres; Provincial Deputy for Tourism, mayor of jordi; a large representation of the Sueca City Council and the municipal agency of Swedish society; and the biggest party girl in town, Alicia Sahinand its court of honor.

Manoli Egea, Member of the Council for Tourism and President of the Contest, said, “He thanked the great interest aroused among the professionals who came to present their records. Swedish to cook ‘the best paella in the world'”.We received over 100 applications to participate in this pressure,” he stressed.

The mayor of Sueca, for his part, Dimas VzquezHe ensured that the City Council “continues on the path of strengthening and developing the competition exactly as our ancestors wished”.

paelleros honor

In this edition, they are recognized with distinctions. Honored Paellerosafter his death, Sweden Antonio Puchadesfamous football player Pascual CarrasquerThe recently deceased fallero artist.

As with the 2019 and 2021 editions, those in charge of the Contest wanted to open it “even more” to the public with raffle tickets so that they could attend the awards ceremony and learn from inside and outside the competition. .

On the other hand, decorative paella, Theresa RoigIt is dedicated this year to Swedish Fallas artist Pascual Carrasquer, who presides over the chamber where the awards are presented each year.

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