The next day, October 23, the I Ploggin Race will be held in the town of Zubia – Granada.

Aje President Jose Antonio Martinez Amat, Granada Provincial Council Sports Delegation advisor Antonio Cobo, Zubia Sports Council Member Miriam Espínola Ramirez and Cájar Sports Council Member Andrés Molina Sánchez attended the presentation. ‘Plogging’ is an activity born in Sweden and a mixture of two terms:

‘jogging’ meaning to run or jog and ‘plock up’ meaning to pick up. Running, cycling, diving, hiking, etc. The ‘Plogging’ movement, which consists of collecting garbage and waste while doing physical exercise, is derived. Through sport, it creates a way of raising awareness about the enormous amount of waste man is polluting the planet.

The I Ploggin Race is scheduled for the next day, October 23, in the town of Zubia, but the Cájar City Council is also cooperating. The race is jointly organized by AJE (Granada Young Entrepreneurs Association) and the Sports and Environment areas of Granada Provincial Council and different local companies.

Jose Antonio of AJE thanks Diputación for their support from the beginning and the sponsors who made this event possible, and reaffirms the support AJE has received as it is a new, groundbreaking and not easy race. Companies with such activities that are aware of and promote this awareness of the environment in Granada.

One of the aims of the Provincial Assembly is to promote sport and this type of innovative project not only brings together physical activity, but also improves the lives of the inhabitants of the province of Granada, improves the environment, sports with the family In other cases, it is difficult to apply it together in high-level sports and it is difficult to implement it, and to AJE and He would like to thank the businessmen who are part of the initiative, for helping the development of the province and sports initiatives like this one, noting Antonio Cobo.

The purpose of this race is to “race” to see who collects the most waste in the designated route areas. We want to raise awareness from AJE about the importance of recycling and the importance of a commitment to the environment and sustainability. Contribute to our grain of sand from the smallest to the largest. As with every race, there will be some prizes by category:

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