The trick of self-employed people to prepare an authentic paella with 'socarrat'...
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The trick of self-employed people to prepare an authentic paella with ‘socarrat’…

Summer is still a few weeks away, and the self-employed can still take the opportunity to take a few days off, take a short break, or at least take a break from work for a while. After meeting business obligations all week, it’s time to forget about customers and suppliers for a few hours and light the stoves.

Paella is always a hit in the summer to enjoy good Mediterranean food, as it takes us for a few minutes to the beach, days by the sea, and vacations with family and friends. This recipe accepts just about any product, from seafood to rabbit and traditional Valencian paella to chicken. Whatever the product accompanying the rice, one of the most valued and typical features of the authentic Valencian paella by the diners, socarrat, which is the way to name the toast that remains inside when cooked over high heat.

this shiny rice brand wanted to assert its importance through a campaign. spend time meeting up with friends or family and, if possible, enjoying a well-deserved vacation. Under the name ‘tiempo de mar, tiempo de Sabroz’, it pays a small tribute to paella and rice in any of its forms—chicken, rabbit, shellfish or fish. It is the hallmark of this time of year and allows you to enjoy the freshest produce from our shoreline.

Rabbit, chicken and artichoke paella recipe with ‘Socarrat’

Brilliant in collaboration with chef and gastronomic communicator Daniel del Toro offers a variety of recipes and tips for preparing a good paella that takes us to beach days and holidays. In this case, a The rabbit, chicken and artichoke paella is very similar to the authentic Valencian recipe.

The rice brand takes advantage of this recipe. it also finally presents one of the most cherished tricks of true paella lovers, socarrat. The characteristic feature of this dish is fried rice.

To do this, simply follow the steps detailed below and select the appropriate products, i.e. fresh and with good quality and good rice like Sabroz, He absorbs flavor of ingredients and also always stays on point.

Ingredients to cook the rabbit, chicken and artichoke paella:

  • Delicious: 350 g Delicious Rice
  • 1 chicken
  • 300 g artichokes
  • 1 rabbit
  • peppers
  • Pepper
  • nora dough
  • saffron
  • Turmeric
  • crushed tomatoes
  • Salt
  • EVOO

Once you have all the ingredients ready, you should start. to prepare Meat Water. will be one chicken and rabbit bone broth. You need to fry them well and add a little. vegetables and a liquid (water or chicken stock). Let it cook for at least 45-50 minutes.

Ingredients for making thin paella paella with rabbit, chicken and artichokes

While making the soup, artichokes begin to prepare. It is cut into slices and sautéed in paella. When they are golden, we set them aside.

We do the same on the rabbit’s waist..You should fry it well with a little salt and set it aside. Sofrito is made in this juice of the ingredients.
We sauté the artichokes in paella.

this thin sheet paella they carry a very simple frying: a tablespoon peppersa few tablespoons ñora pulp and crushed tomatoes. In order for it to be well fried, you need to stir it in the paella over medium heat.

Then 350 grams are added for this 60-centimeter paella. Let’s pearl the grain a little until it’s well mixed with the Sofrito.

We add 350 grams of rice for our 60 cm paella.

Next, broth is poured. three as usual times the amount of rice, to obtain a thin layer of paella. When we pour the broth, we must stretch it. good rice for whole paella. Cook the rice for 3 minutes on high heat. Next, reduce the heat to minimum and let it cook for about 12 more minutes.

Pour the broth and spread the rice nicely all over the paella.

After 9 or 10 minutes, we insert the already separated gold pieces. chicken, rabbit and artichoke. The thickest rabbit fillets can be placed from the beginning of cooking so that they are very tender at the end. Let it rest for a few minutes and it’s ready..

Thin layer paella prepared with rabbit, chicken and artichokes

The trick to making socarrat on paella

to achieve charredThe Brillante rice brand offers a very simple trick. When it has a few minutes left to cook, we should put the spoon between the rice grains and if we see that they are still separate, let’s raise the heat so that the intense heat helps us to form the rice grains. charred. The key is that cooking needs to be loud to get that fried rice.

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