La Paella, el plato más prostituido de la cocina española
Valencian paella

These are the best restaurants to eat authentic Valencian Paella in 2022.

A total of 349 restaurants around the world can boast of making authentic classic paella and being included in the 2022 Wikipaella Guide. This is the number of restaurants featured in the seventh edition of the Guide and presented at a gala in Valencia this week. took place with the participation of the managers of the world’s leading wood fired paella restaurants.

A total of 62 establishments are the number one receiving the Cullera de fusta, the badge that signifies that they are cooking their classic paella on firewood. And it’s not just in the Community of Valencia where they use this system. In Las Vegas, Orlando, the UK and of course Madrid or Murcia.

You can find out where these restaurants are from the address below. Wikipedia Guide 2022, a guide that explains everything from what classic paella is, how it should be eaten, to the locations of more than 300 restaurants around the world that cook this dish with all its care. That’s why this year’s edition includes the locations of 349 restaurants around the world where you can taste an authentic paella and continue their commitment to the classic recipe despite the distance. You can also find all the information about the winners at

All restaurants with this badge can: The full list of restaurants awarded this award can also be found in the app, which can be downloaded from Cullera de Fusta. on iOS or Wikipedia Guide 2022.

Majority in the Community of Valencia:

How could it be otherwise, most of the restaurants distinguished by Wikipaella in this edition are located in the Valencian Community. Alicante contributes to the guide 82 organizations, 20 of them with Cullera de Fusta for cooking with firewood; The province of Castellón has 40 restaurants, 7 of which have Cullera de fusta; and Valencia province has 180 restaurants, 31 of which continue to cook on wood, known for the Cullera de Fusta, to taste an authentic paella.

Traditional Paella from UK to Dubai:

Outside the Valencia region, the “Where to Eat Authentic Paella” Guide collects information on up to 42 restaurants in the rest of Spain and around the world. In Colombia, Dubai, the United States or Costa Rica there are places that gather all the tradition and serve this dish as if it were next to Albufera. Also among these restaurants are those who cook paella on firewood and win Cullera de fusta: Arros QD in the UK; hassle in Vegas; Disney racket in Orlando.

The “Where to eat authentic Paella” Guide is an initiative from Wikipaella, a platform led by Guillermo Navarro, journalists Paco Alonso and José Maza. It is a directory and web page listing each of the places in the world where you can find classic and well-cooked paella. In addition, places that cook on wood are rewarded.

Wikipaella application that you can download from, also on iOS, provides contact information and reservations, allowing you to find restaurants serving authentic paella by geographic location, establishment name or city. It also presents the ingredients of authentic paellas according to a statistical pattern carefully prepared from select restaurants.

Distinction for the four symbolic figures:

Four awards were given to people or organizations that stand out with their commitment to the classic paella and improve the perception of the food around the world with their contributions, and increase its taste and nutritional value, as every year at Wikipaella.

The best organization award was given to Las Hogueras de San Juan, the symbolic festival of the city of Alicante, with the paella event in Lo Morant Park, which has brought together thousands of people from all over the world for 40 years. paella

In this 2022 edition, the best chef of the year award was given to Jesús Melero of the Sueca Ri-Ra restaurant. The jury considered not only his work as president of his restaurant, but also his work as coordinator of the Sueca Paella Competition for 36 years, from 1986 to 2021.

This year, the Wikipaella Guide team also considered 2022 Easy Paella from Vicente Prior as the best product. The mechanism by which the moment of adding rice is conveniently and precisely controlled, until it became an element of the paella universe, developing its first prototype in 2018. Its inventor, Vicente’s obsession with helping cooks and fans led him to create other mechanisms, such as the ArrozControl straw, to precisely manage the amount of broth in paella.

And finally, on this occasion, Félix Vallugera and cook_obsession were awarded for creating an innovative process for preparing paella-cooked rice, taking into account innovation in such a traditional industry. Through its influence on networks, it has achieved a highly successful online training course attended by top chefs.

Emiliano García, Member of the Tourism and Internationalization Council of the Valencia City Council and former manager and owner of the Bodega Montaña, attended the gala to present these awards; Xavier Pascual of Valencia Turisme; Francesc Colomer, Regional Secretary for Tourism; and Lorena Lázaro, responsible for marketing at Arroz Dacsa.

About wikipaella

Wikipaella is a non-profit association that aims to identify, advocate and promote classic paellas around the world. For 7 years, it has been presenting the “Where to Eat Authentic Paella” Guide, a document where more than 300 restaurants around the world have cooked authentic food. Wikipaella has a website that allows you to geo-locate all the restaurants in the directory.

Each year, selected restaurants are awarded distinctive badges that certify the quality of their products. In addition, restaurants that cook paella on firewood are awarded the Cullera de Fusta award.

The aim of this association is to value paella as a collective heritage with rigor, independence, participation and a unifying and horizontal character.

Wikipaella has collaborations with Valencia Tourism Agency, Visit Valencia, Arroz DACSA, Delicious Valencia and Valencia Turisme.

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