Estos son los platos más típicos de la Safor
Valencian paella

These are the most typical dishes of Safor.

Provides a zone of sapor great culinary wealth and gastronomic events occurs throughout the region for twelve months of the yeareither to celebrate patron saint feasts or the most important days of the calendar, to be the protagonists of traditional dishes and those responsible for transmitting the culture of each municipality.

“The gastronomy of the Safor region represents a great added value for the entire recipe book of the region. Valencian Community. “We could not be more proud of all the dishes that have been prepared and perfected throughout history and that today form a rich, varied gastronomy to suit every palate,” says La Safor Union of Municipalities President and Minister of Tourism. Assumpta Dominguez.

Typical dishes of Safor

The cuisine of the Safor region includes fish, vegetables, cokesdesserts and rice dishes—soup, dry, baked, and cooked in paella—emphasizing fideuà, Very symbolic of the town of Gandía.

Cocas de dacsa, figatells, in-shell rice, caragolada, allipebre, cooked rice, pebreres farsidsboiled lamb, casserole meatballs or pickled sardines Some suggestions that are part of the saferense cookbook.

Almost all year round, the orange is an excellent fruit, as a large part of the territory is devoted to its cultivation. It was 2020 when the Xeraco Orange Gastronomy Contest was presented at Fitur to be held annually for restaurant professionals.

And on the sweetest part, special mentioning to some suggestions such as arnadí, pumpkin pies, gypsy arm, Easter monas during Holy Week, preserves of sweet potatoes or typical Christmas desserts.

Another typical dessert of the region is pumpkin pie. Upgrade-EMV

“emorzar” and “cremaet”: a union that never fails

La Safor also stands out in other gastronomic areas such as the traditional popular Valencian “emorzar”. Not surprisingly, few restaurants in the area in recent years got “cacau d’or” as temples of this deep-rooted tradition that is part of folk culture. In this area, these “esmorzars” are usually accompanied and generally Xeraco raises the altars with a contest this year, it premiered on the beach last June.

The most outstanding gastronomic dates

As for the specified dates, they take place throughout the year in different towns of La Safor. olives, pores, Valldigna taverns anyone Rotova, The Route of the Porrats which translation fairs where traditional products are sold, sweets and dried fruit. It takes place in March with the gastronomic fair of the town of Villalonga. its blat picat contestA typical dish of the region. Gandia fideuà contest It takes place on the first Wednesday of June; The amateur stuffed pebrera competition is held every September and is where the participants come with the food prepared for the jury voting.

It is celebrated every year and during the month of June on the beach of Tavernes de la Valldigna. Arròs de Vigilia CompetitionOne of the most characteristic dishes of this town, where meat is replaced by fish, cod meatballs are made with chickpeas and raisins. Celebrating in October Monastery Gastronomy Days in the same town where the best offers about monks and monasteries meet. in the municipality Miramar during the month of February‘polp farcit’ is a great hero from gastronomy days. This is a dish made from generation to generation with fresh octopus, rice, dried garlic, saffron, parsley, pine nuts, potatoes, beans, pencas, salt and oil.

Palmera City Council is holding the contest during the month of February ‘Al plat ia la taula: The Gastronomic Palm Tree’. For professional chefs with purpose Promoting the use of citrus fruits in Valencia from orange to lemon. At the beginning of October, citizens -together with local associations- at Fira Gastronòmica. l’Alqueria de la Comtessa. Collector’s cars, paella competitions and traditional games are also exhibited here to keep the young population busy.

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