These are the seven worst paellas in gastronomy history
Mixed paella

These are the seven worst paellas in gastronomy history

Valencian paella The most emblematic dish of our cuisine and the most international of Spanish gastronomy.. If you ask a foreigner who has never visited our country what the word Spain means to them, one of them is probably “paella” – or whatever it pronounces.

According to the Sueca International Paella Valenciana Competition, the second oldest gastronomic event in Spain, the ingredients of Valencian paella are as follows: 400 gr. Swedish rice, 800 gr. chicken, 400 gr. rabbit, a dozen snails, 400 gr. carob, 150 gr. tablets, 300 gr. beans, olive oil, a clove of garlic, crushed ripe tomatoes, a tablespoon of paprika, saffron, salt and rosemary.

Also, a recent study by the Catholic University of Valencia revealed the ten main components of a Valencian paella. The Recipe adds items depending on where the Community is crafted: heapspork ribs or artichokes are some of the most common.

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