This is how 2022 World Paella Day was celebrated
Valencian paella

This is how 2022 World Paella Day was celebrated

Undoubtedly there is a dish that is very well known all over the world, even a emoji won and this September 20 international day is celebrated: World Paella Day.

As an introduction to this event, 61st edition of the Sueca Valencian Paella International Competition (Valencia), the award was presented to the Crocus Gastronomy Services restaurant from Guadalupe (Mexico) and its two chefs, Rogelio Castañón and Alfonso Ovalle.

The edition of the competition took place at its usual venue, Paseo de la Estación. Dozens of chefs from 12 countries gathered there to compete for the award, which has recognized the World’s Best Paella since 1961.

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For this, September 20, Valencia Marina hosted the semi-finals and finals of the championship World Paella Day CupAn event that allowed Valencian food to claim the most international and prevailed Eric Gilrepresentative France.

With his proposal based on duck confit and mushrooms, he won the World Cup of Paella 2022, a competition in which 10 chefs from around the world battled to win the coveted trophy through their versions of the famous dish at Valencia Marina. Argentina, represented by Chef Juani Kittlen, took the second place, and Finland took the third place with Jaani Pasikoski.

The day started with the qualifying rounds at 10:00 in the morning, followed by the final match of France, Finland, Canada, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates. This is the third World Paella Day edition and has brought with it new versions of this rice, mostly inspired by their home country, for example from Japan with Chinese crab, scallions and nettles, and from Finland. It is made with reindeer, boletus, onions, tomatoes, and blueberries.

The jury of this international paella competition is Belen Arias, president of the Valencia Community Gastronomy Academy, 2nd prize of the Sueca Valencia International Paella Competition, II. It was created by the chef and winner of the World Paella Day Cup, Binhui Jiang. , Noelia Pascual, José Luis García Berlanga, owner of the Berlanga restaurant, and Modesto Granados, designer of the Delicious Valencia brand.

World Paella Day is an initiative supported by Valencia City Council through Visit València, Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, Diputación de València, Turisme València and Turespaña. The initiative has the collaboration of FEHV, Arros de València DO, Wikipaella and Sueca’s Valencian Paella International Competition.

Paella: one plate, a thousand looks

Seafood Rice

There are recipes and versions of this dish, adapted to every city and region, not only in the Basque country, but all over the world… but what do you know about paella?

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Its name comes from the Latin “paella” meaning frying pan, and Valencia got this word to name it. It is believed to be synonymous with “Valencian rice” or “Valencian rice” in Spanish since 1900.

Earth Day is celebrated every September 20 because this date coincides with the rice harvest, which is the main ingredient in the preparation of the dish in question. So since 2018, Valencians cease to be strict judges on what their most universal dish, authentic paella, is and open up to the world to invite people to cook this recipe.

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